How Did I End Up With a Bird Mite Infestation?

How Did I End Up With a Bird Mite Infestation?

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Donna L. is concerned,




I have heard about rope perches and all of the “pros” make sense except one con, their nails getting caught in the threads.


I don’t have Henny’s, my beautiful 21-year-old Meyers, nails clipped because she falls off of me or various other things.


She is free flight in the house, unless I am doing anything that could hurt her, or when I need my time.


Her nails are sharp, but she keeps them worn down.


I have a perch that is meant to do just that.


However, I sanded it down so that the pads of her feet don’t touch the rough part.


She had various sizes and words until a few weeks ago when I was horrified to find out she has bird mites.


I have never gone through a more horrendous time in my life.


Knowing she is getting hurt absolutely kills me. The process to rid them from our lives takes pretty much all day, every day. I don’t have anyone to take her and she is so terrified of going to the vet I can’t board her there.



The vet told me a few things to get through this, and I have searched on-line. She is on ivermectin.


Today I am laundering everything in the house.


I had been putting clean clothes et al in plastic bags in a huge box kept closed.


Learning all laundry needs to be put into a totally impermeable plastic bag.


My “saving for a rainy day” came in very handy with a box of huge bags!


I’m carefully using DE, Sevin dust, vinegar… I wash her sleeping cage with vinegar followed by scalding hot water.


I threw everything away but the cage away and will buy her a new one soon.


It’s placed on my empty bureau, washed, and a carefully placed bit of DE just lightly and narrowly around the bureau, and edges of walls.


Just recently done.


It has worked quite well.


I put paper towels under the cage and a freshly laundered cover over her. In the Morning I examine the paper towel with a 60X jewelers loop. I’m unfortunately getting better at it. I have never found a live mite, but a few carcasses and a full but dead one.


I guess we are getting a little better because there is less and less detritus.


Spray my shoes before entering the house after walking up the stairs sprinkled with DE.


Also use it outside around the house, heavily my beautiful orange tree that grows the sweetest oranges I have ever eaten.


I had it cut back so it doesn’t touch the house.


Probably the source of infection.


I’m thinking about cutting the whole tree down.


It’s too big for me to take care of.


If I can, I would be out of this mobile home in a heartbeat, alas not likely.


It’s 40 yrs old and totally flooded before I bought it.


I digress.



I called a pest control bird mite experienced company who with disdain said I would have to get rid of clutter in one room and the sunroom before he could come in to spray for $400.


I don’t have a good feeling about him. I’m checking on a different one.


I am however wondering if I continue what I’m doing now if I could irradiate the mites.


As I write that, I want to find someone who would also do the yard, under the house and tree.


My neighbor has a huge gorgeous ficus tree that lots of birds nest in, which touches the ground but not the house. I am getting rid of a lot of my furniture.


I hate it anyway, my special Deco things that aren’t anymore, I’m actually most of my stuff (except hobby things that would go in airproof storage.). Hmmm, maybe a brand new tiny home.


I am so sorry for dumping so much, but I am truly devastated and just want to grab Henny and run away.


I would so welcome input from all.


If anyone knows a good pest control company in North San Diego County, pls let me know. Thank you!!


PS: I took about 40 bites for Henny and human blood kills them in about a week.


Dear Donna

Rope perches are wonderful, but yes, they do have to be examined often and trimmed as needed to keep long threads under control.


Nails. Yes, a rough or pedicure perch is important to help with the nails.


There are perches available with a smooth top and still have the rough bits on the sides.


Hagen Pedi-Perch Small


However, what is most important is where the pedicure perch is placed for the most benefit and less harm to your bird.



It should not be placed high up where the bird might use it to sleep at night. That is when they are at the most danger of getting “Bumble Foot” aka pressure sores.


It should be placed low, in the front of the cage.


1. Between food dishes so your bird uses it while eating and it will also use it to wipe its beak and thus help smooth beak cracks.

2. on the inside of the front door if it swings open. So when your bird is in its cage and it sees you coming it will do the happy dance there and help wear down the nails too.


What Size Rope Perches For A 45 YO Double Yellow-head Amazon?


You mention she is free-flighted, lovely, but we recommend keeping your bird in a roomy cage, with some toys, food, and water when you are not at home.


Sorry to hear about the mites. Do you have a lot of clutter?


Carpeting, padded furniture, and drapes can become breeding grounds for many unwanted insects, not just mites.


Yes, you will need to clear things out, remove excess anything that can become a host to anything living until you get it under control.


I highly recommend getting a steamer. That will make it much easier to kill the critters. You can steam almost everything. Cages, floors, perches, curtains, your bed, your clothes.


How Do I Treat Macaw Mites?


Use a steamer with a long hose and wand and tank. A small handheld steamer is not going to be enough and takes much too much time reheating over and over.


Maybe you can find a friend with one to borrow if finances are rough.


It will help you to eliminate them without more chemicals and poisons.


You can do this now, even before you have gotten everything cleaned up.


I hope this helps and you get your home and your mite issue under control soon.





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