How Do I Deal With My African Grey’s Dander

How Do I Deal With My African Grey’s Dander

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Marie Hale asks


Hi Mitch,


I have an African Grey, Puccini and a Blue Fronted Amazon, Hitchcock.


They have been family members for dozens of years but the dander from Pu is starting to get to me.


I have an air cleaner near the cages where they are in the living room.


Do you know of any cages that are enclosed, with some sort of built-in air cleaning system?


I don’t mind the food thrown hither and yon (and the dog usually helps with that part of the cleaning) but the dander seems to be getting worse.


Does that happen more as birds age?


They are in very good health and eat a varied diet.


Thanks for any help!


Unfortunately, Marie, enclosed cages get dirty (visually) fast.

Are you changing the air filters every 30 days?

Feathers tend to clog these filters, slowing particulate filtration.

This will solve your problem

Bathing and or misting Puccini on a regular basis will go a long way to reduce his dander.


Hitchcock will benefit from anything “wet” because Amazons are rare bird species that have no uropygial gland.




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