How Do I Deal With My Quaker That Suffered Another Stroke?

How Do I Deal With My Quaker That Suffered Another Stroke?

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Jennifer T. has a Quaker, 27 years old this past July and relates,

Hi Mitchell and Catherine,

Enjoy your newsletter each Sunday! Thank you. Unfortunately, my poor guy suffered another stroke this week, resulting in no use of his right side.

His first stroke (3 years ago) affected the right side too, however, he was able to gain use of it, just never got the strength back.

This time, I’m not sure he’ll regain use.

He’s been to the vet (concur with diagnosis) and I’ve outfitted his cage so he cannot fall and used skinny rope perches since it seems like the easiest way for him to move around.

He’s active, eating and playing, so I’m confident he’s not in pain.

He has various sizes of perches so he’ll be able to exercise his foot.

My question is, are there any exercises I can do with him that may help?

What about massage?

I read about vitamin A and D ointment and massaging it into the foot and leg. Is this something you sell? Any advice to improve his quality of life would be appreciated, thanks!

Dear Jennifer

We are very sorry to hear of the ill health of your elderly quaker.

Strokes are rough and each time they have one it weakens them more. At some point, they will not bounce back.

I had a very special birdie, an Indian Ringneck and his first stroke didn’t take him down for more than a few minutes, but the next time he was blinded. By morning he had passed. I miss him terribly so I understand your desire to help give him the best chances.

All you can do is try to make him as comfortable as possible. Remove high perches, Keep him in a shallow cage. Ramps and ladders placed horizontally will help so he can rest on them without having to grip a thin perch so tightly. Food dishes can be hard to hold onto so rope perches leading to and from them can help.

I am unaware of any particular treatments to rub into the legs. Please ask your vet if it is a good idea. Adding an oily material could be more problematic as it will be distributed into the feathers.

Please let us know what you find out.


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