How Do I Get My Bird to Drink HARI Prime Vitamin Water For Birds
Hagen hari prime vitamin water soluble for birds 1.1 oz

How Do I Get My Bird to Drink HARI Prime Vitamin Water For Birds

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Lisa K. wonders,

I ordered the Hagen HARI Prime Vitamin Water Soluble For Birds 1.1 oz and my bird won’t drink water with it or even eat it on treats.

She is an older conure on a seed diet.

I have given up trying to offer it to her. 

Do you think I would have any better luck with the Avi-Era Bird Vitamins by Lafebers that you also sell? 

Thank you,

Lisa K.

Dear Lisa

The Prime vitamin supplement is very good but it may be alien for your bird at full strength if she has never had it. So for the time being use it at 1/4 or 1/3 strength.

I take a quart plastic bottle of water and add vitamin powder and keep it in the fridge. 

Use it daily until it is gone. After a week or two, increase the dosage until you reach the recommended dosage.

Getting any into your bird is better than nothing.

Skip trying to sprinkle it on any food at this time. My own bird doesn’t like that either.

Lafeber is good too, I use it interchangeably with Prime.

Thank you for asking how to make it work


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  1. We mix the vitamins with water shake it then put it in syringe and down their throat . Easy and my birds don’t mind it. African grey 47 another one 40 and a Goffin 29.

  2. Ps: we give them every 3 days

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