Kaylor of Colorado – the Best Bird Food You Never Heard of

Kaylor of Colorado – the Best Bird Food You Never Heard of

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Kaylor of Colorado has been manufacturing ultra-premium nutritional products for pets since 1976. Mel Kaylor is Kaylor of Colorado’s founder. Mel Kaylor’s innovative ideas and firm belief in high quality natural products continue to be the mold for Kaylor of Colorado. Kaylor has a very proud and loyal team of employees. Kaylor’s management team has an average tenure of ten plus years with Kaylor. Kaylor is committed to developing world-class products and personalized relationships with all of our valued customers. Darrell Kaylor proudly runs the company to this day.

Kaylor of Colorado is a zero waste, vertically-efficient, primary manufacturer of natural SUPERFOODS for BIRD & SMALL ANIMALS and for WILD BIRDS & WILDLIFE. We are strategically located in Greeley Colorado to offer our customers the best regional ingredients and best freight savings. KAYLOR is one of the most efficient manufacturers/shippers in the pet industry.

Our zero-waste strategy allows us to reinvest savings back into development of superfoods. We never use fake ingredients like colored cereal puffs, to try to fool pet parents or pets. Our blends feature NATURAL seeds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts – and we add healthy safflower oil to our vitamin premix.


This process offers the best vitamin delivery method and nutrition for birds and small animals. KAYLOR’s quality, price and value equation allows us to build REAL RELATIONSHIPS with our customers. KAYLOR’s customer trial-to-Retention Ratios’ (a true measure of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty) are best in class!

We contract the majority of our products through local farmers. We triple clean these ingredients to ensure they are free of all dust and foreign material.

All of our products are flushed with nitrogen and packaged in a barrier film. We do this to be able to guarantee freshness and eliminate bug infestations.

Other manufacturers use processed pellets or extruded foods to create a colorful look. Kaylor of Colorado achieves its colorful look by using natural ingredients that birds and small animals search out.


Sweet Harvest was first formulated and introduced in 1977. At the time there was only a very limited selection of natural products for bird and small animals. The majority of the products available only offered artificial colors and flavors.

Sweet Harvest was the first to achieve its colorful appearance by using all natural ingredients. Kaylor of Colorado also enriches its blends with vitamins using a unique application process that ensures a balanced benefit to all pets. When feeding Sweet Harvest products for the first time you will quickly notice healthy changes in your pets health and mental wellbeing.


Rainforest bird and small animal foods are similar to Sweet Harvest products in that they achieve their color and variety through the use of natural ingredients. Rainforest products are also vitamin enriched using the same unique process as other Kaylor brands.

With Rainforest products, we have substantially increased the amount of the natural variety. At first glance, you can quickly recognize the additional variety that positions these blends as super-premium products.


McBride bird blends is also a super-premium product. McBride’s is similar to Rainforest in that it includes a higher amount of natural variety. McBride’s type of variety comes from years of consumer shows and breeder input. The natural ingredients found in McBride’s are an accumulation of feedback from consumers and breeders on healthy natural ingredients that they supplement their bird’s diets with.

These are ingredients that, prior to the development of McBride’s, they could find in other bird diets. These ingredients include but are not limited to: broken cuttlebone, cinnamon sticks, bread sticks, spray millet chunks. McBride’s was a very rewarding blend to develop because we had so many positive contributors.

Research shows that in most vitamin enriched mixes the supplement is applied to the seed husk (the outer layer of the seed). Although birds come in contact with the vitamins when they remove the husk, they are not receiving the full benefits the vitamins were meant to provide.

In the vitamin enriched mixes we have developed at Kaylor of Colorado, at least one third of our ingredients have been shelled or hulled. This enables us to directly apply our supplement to the meat of the seeds, which, when consumed, guarantees that the birds receive the full benefits of the vitamin.

Our vitamin enriching process, KC BONDING (KAYLOR OF COLORADO BONDING), takes place in our state of the art Horizontal Ribbon Mixer. After the seed mixture is air washed, leaving our mixes virtually free of all dust and chaff, Kaylor of Colorado Feather Sheen vitamins and minerals are then added and bonded on with unrefined safflower oil.

The seed is immediately packaged in our poly-bags and air-tight canisters utilizing a nitrogen flush system to maintain freshness of the product to your store.

Kaylor of Colorado Feather Sheen vitamins and minerals are scientifically formulated to enrich your bird’s daily diet. After researching the various accepted methods of adding supplements to seed mixtures for birds, we at Kaylor of Colorado have found that our KC Bonding method of applying a powdered supplement to be the most favorable. It guarantees that birds get their supplements regardless of seed preference or amount of water intake.

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