How Do I Handle My Molting Green Cheek Conure With Another Bird?
Pineapple Conure

How Do I Handle My Molting Green Cheek Conure With Another Bird?

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Lisa N writes,

Hey Catherine hope all is well I need your help again I thought by now I would be a better mommy 🙂

Our Reggie is molting big time she loves taking a bath every day I know it’s a rough time for birds but we also have a Pineapple conure and yes one is a boy and Reggie is the girl.


Lately, Reggie has been a little aggressive with Pee Wee sometimes she wants him around, and if he goes on the of the ropes that we have as a bridge going across the cage like a bridge if he’s on one she will go over and try to move him off.


She only wants him around when she feels like it.


I think it’s because of the molting we think she needs to go for the 72 hour light treatment.


Is it ok if Pee Wee also does it?


She also bites us but she does have her days where she is so sweet I just don’t want her to keep fighting with Pee Wee. Help…


Dear Lisa

We do the best we can with our feathered friends and it is hard not to take it to heart when they don’t seem to live the life we hoped for them.


Our three small parrots here are all rescues and as such all came with their own baggage, good and bad.


We have to watch them all closely when out of their cages and break them up when needed.



Chili the quaker is the devil bird who has to be always on the move checking out everything and everybody.


Keto, the African Ringneck can stand him for short periods, before he flees to another roost while Chili takes his time to eat some of his food, play with his toys, rub himself shamelessly on a lot of his toys.


At some point, Keto will start whining loudly and we have to go extricate Chili from Keto’s cage and place him back on his own BIGGER cage or his own play stand.


Barney is not happy about Chili so near ~ Video


That lasts a few minutes before Chili then may fly over to Barney’s cage and surprise him so Barney (the cockatiel) flies off, landing somewhere inappropriate, and then we have to go find Barney, bring him back, and remove Chili from his cage.


Then repeat the process again.


After a few of these trips, Chili gets shut into his own spacious cage which is loaded with all sorts of toys, ropes, etc.


Chili taking a bath…on Keto’s cage ~ Video


Chili does go through it all too, but it seems little holds his interest for very long.


Then the other birds catch his eye again…


The Light Treatments are not going to take care of all their behaviors but it is certainly worth trying at least once.


That your little one is molting is not something that a light treatment will help.


She is not feeling her best right now and perhaps just a little time in her cage without the other one around as much might be easier on her.


Letting them out one at a time is not a bad thing.


When we first had to deal with Chili climbing all over Keto’s cage trying to get in it, Keto was more upset because he didn’t realize Chili could not still get in.


Keto says “pretty bird” to his friend in the mirror ~ video


Well, now he has finally figured out that he is safe within the cage and endures Chili climbing all over it looking for that elusive door that will open without any concern.


This too shall pass.




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