How Do You Rehabilitate a Biting Parrot?
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How Do You Rehabilitate a Biting Parrot?

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Patrick B. asks


I have a 3-year old female Senegal parrot who has a nasty habit. She bites.


She bites for no reason and she is quite viscous, she also screams for no reason (even when I am sitting right next to her cage).


I’m worn out from all of this ……


Hi Patrick,

I’m sorry for the problems you are having with your Senni.

You don’t mention if there are other humans in the household.

Senegal parrots are a one human bird and jealousy can trigger bites.

Birds do not bite nor scream for no reason.

There is always a trigger for negative hormonal behaviors.

That said there is never an excuse for biting.

If the bird is biting you while handling it, stop placing your body in jeopardy using a happy stick to transport the bird when needed.

You’ll start by locking the bird in the cage for 72 hours keeping a full-spectrum light over the cage on for the entire time.

That will look something like this.


After this initial 72 hour period which may need to be repeated, immediately begin clicker training.


You can learn how to do that by following the steps in this video.
Building Trust With Your Bird ~ Video
Reach back out to us after a couple of weeks of clicker training and let us know what is working and what is not.

Stay safe



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