I Have a Question About a Green Ringneck Male I Just Bought

I Have a Question About a Green Ringneck Male I Just Bought

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Nauman asks

I am messaging about a Green (African) ringneck male I recently bought from a pet shop (who said he is 6 months old ) however he has a clear ring not on the full neck but it’s there.


Anyways the first day he didn’t eat anything, the second day he’s started to eat the mix of seeds.


He’s not hand tamed and not aggressive unless you try to grab him (which is not what I’m am trying to do)


He doesn’t mind me standing near the cage and lets me change the food and water however he moves at the top of the cage away from my hand. 


Any tips on how I should start the hand taming process?




Hi Nauman

Congrats on the new bird. If a colored ring is visible in the back the bird is at least 18 months old. FYI: All African ringnecks are green. They are smaller than Indian ringnecks which normally green but also white, blue, green, yellow and other mutations.


This is Keto our 18 yo African Ringneck rescue


Until your new bird gets used to the new surroundings, place paper on the grate of the cage then keep food and water in shallow dishes and spread some food on the paper – it’s more intuitive for a young bird.


Here are some training videos to watch that will be helpful


Clicker Training Videos from Tricks to Flight




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