I Have “Rascal” My Cockatiel All Fitted Out With Lights

I Have “Rascal” My Cockatiel All Fitted Out With Lights

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Janet C. related

I have “Rascal” my cockatiel all fitted out with Lights, a heater, different size perches, and chew toys…all types & sizes.

However, he is in his cage only when I am not at home, just a few hours a day.

Most of his time is spent outside his “house” sitting on lampshades and the backs of furniture chairs.

As I understand he needs the light 12 hours a day, do I need to set up additional lights?

Catherine replied,

Dear Janet

That your cockatiel is a boy, he is less likely to suffer hormonally than would a female so you don’t have to be as concerned.

He likely gravitates to lit-up areas on his while out, like the lampshade, and windows which serve his instinctual need for light.

If he starts sitting in darker areas by choice and starts lashing out, then he may need to have more lights set up as that means he is getting hormonal.

But until then, you don’t need to fix it if it is working.


Mitch here,

You want the bird in the cage when the lights come on in the morning and go out at night. That will help him “understand” the light cycle.

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