I Lost My Bird and Can’t Seem to Get Over It – What Should I Do?

I Lost My Bird and Can’t Seem to Get Over It – What Should I Do?

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Sunshine with his favorite toy “Baby” ~ Catherine’s Indian ringneck for 20 years (image above)

Jane S. asks,

Would getting another caique be the right thing? Doyou know of a breeder? I had him and trained him for 16 years- I could use some advice.

Dear Jane

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Our birds are so special and when they are gone, they stay in our hearts forever. I have several pictures of my own sweetest bird around my home.

We have had a number of small parrots and each species is so very different in personality. Even birds of the same species can be so different.

Caiques are a very unique type of parrot. they are small with huge personalities and are total clowns and have very high energy.

You can get another caique but it will likely be nothing like the one you had, it may even be better of course.

If you are thinking of another species, consider a quaker.

birdcage with many bird toys

Now I admit that I never considered a quaker myself. I am partial to Ringneck parrots. They are small birds with long tails so they appear to be larger birds but without as much maintenance as a larger bird. 

I had an Indian Ringneck male for 20 years, weaned from baby and he spoke in an adorable little child voice. He was my bestest little birdie ever. He will never be able to be replaced.

Since he passed we have had a Senegal hen, a cockatiel hen and at this time we have an African Ringneck male (smaller than an Indian Ringneck, but with the same cute voice), a male cockatiel, and a quaker male.

The three we currently have are all rescues and as such, they were all originally bonded to someone else. All of the owners had passed. So these little birds are all sweet, but none are cuddly as their original bonded person is now gone. 

They do show us some affection on their terms when they want it, but we are mainly their caretakers, not their flock mates or bonded with any of them.

That is not to say that you can’t get another rescued bird (adult parrot that needs a home) that will bond with you, but it may happen. We did have one cockatiel hen who we brought home and she bonded with us very well, sweet until she passed.

The reason I mention a quaker is their personality and behavior are different from most other parrots. The quaker we have here now is active all day and night.

He moves his toys around the cage bottom and around the sides and tops of the cage. Quakers are known as builders and they will take any materials handy and wind them in and out of bars and other toys making a little fantasy home that is very unique. Quakers will take materials that other birds would ignore or get tangled in, and make their own designs.


fancy birdcage with many bird toys

I have attached three pictures for you to see. One is the cage for our 22 yo African Ringneck who plays with little other than his bell toys and is fine with a sparsely furnished cage.

The other two pictures are of the quaker’s cage whose large cage is loaded with stuff and he only wants more and plays with everything.

The reason I suggest a quaker is that they are so gregarious. In my many years, every employee has had a quaker and Quakers have been a very popular choice for at least 30 years. 

Quakers live 25-30 years, much like a caique. You do not mention your stage of life. But if you are older, you might consider trying to locate a rescue (bird to adopt) vs a new baby.

Please let us know what you end up with.

woven fabric, leathr and rope in bidcage wove together by a blue quaker parrot

Some work of our Quaker Chili

Make copies of pictures of your sweet bird and put them up where they will make you smile for your memories.

Birds can have smaller cages if they have time outside of the cage. An RV is fine when you have found places to mount perches and ropes to give your special birdie a place to perch.

In the wild birds don’t have cages or houses, they have open skies and yours can have the RV being put away in a small cage at night or when you can’t be there is mainly for its safety.

Great you are going to meet some birds. Don’t rush it and you will find the right bird for you if it doesn’t find you first.

Thank u so much for ur great response! Getting it is helping me with my grieving! We spend summer in an Rv so there is not a huge space for a cage – the caique only used it for sleeping

So I guess that size bird would adapt. Going to bird rescue on wed- I know I shouldn’t rush into this but there is a hole in my life that I need to fill-do u have a bird that needs a loving home? 


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