I’m Looking for a Good Quality Seed Mix for 4 Species of Birds

I’m Looking for a Good Quality Seed Mix for 4 Species of Birds

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Meyers parrot

Darryl Z. writes:


I’m looking for a good quality seed mix for my 4 birds – a CAG, a Yellow-Shouldered Amazon, a Meyers, and a Caique.


I’m currently using Vita Parrot by Sun Seed but it’s become really dirty over the years.


I actually pick out the papaya because it’s so filthy and looks so gross, I don’t want my birds eating it.


So that’s where I’m coming from and I wonder if you could please recommend a few of your top mixes.


Reading about the Volkman (sp?) in yesterday’s Birdie Brunch sparked my interest in purchasing parrot food from you, and then I saw the extensive and impressive selection you have on your website and I’m afraid I need to help please just get pointed in the right direction.


With a couple of suggestions, I can then read more about them on your website.






Dear Darryl

As we don’t sell Sun Seed Vita Seed I had to Google it to see what the ingredients are.

I see that it is heavier in Safflower Seeds than Sunflower which is good. Examining the picture, I don’t see a lot of dried fruit (papaya) but the stock photograph is not always the best representation.


I would consider this mix as a “base” diet and use it to fill the dish, but also add other foods, extra nut meats, a separate dish of veggies and some fruit, etc.




Volkman makes some very nice mixes.


They are all different so you may be able to select one that appeals.


They do offer species-specific blends, but really, you just go for the mix that looks like something you feel your bird(s) will like.


The Volkman African Grey and The Volkman Eclectus blends are the most creative mixes they offer. Both have a very nice list of ingredients. All extremely clean with little to no shell debris in the bags.


Volkman Parrot is a basic mix with sunflower seeds and safflower seeds.


Volkman Hookbill is a basic mix with no sunflower seeds.


Volkman mixes have little to no pellets in them.



Higgins is our biggest line with 100 varieties. ALL have the same pellet line in them sized for the birds and you can select a seed mix and beef it up with an extra bag of pellets or some more dried fruits and nuts.




Sunburst Parrot would be a nice mix that would be able to serve all 4 birds.



It has more Safflower than Sunflower. It contains Intune Pellets and lots of nuts, dried fruits, and veggies. The Sunburst line has the treats included in the bags.


If you need further help, please let me know.


Thank you.


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