Why Full Spectrum Lighting Is Crucial for Birds and Parrots by Featherbrite

Why Full Spectrum Lighting Is Crucial for Birds and Parrots by Featherbrite

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Why use full spectrum lighting?

The core of the FeatherBrite line of products revolves around a very special source of light.
The FeatherBrite bulb emits light that is very close to that of natural sunlight.
Sunlight and artificial sources of light are measured by color temperature and rendering.
If you were to consider the intensity of the sun at noon daylight, it is about 5500 degrees Kelvin (K).
Natural light not only provides warmth, but brings out the intensity of colors in a way that artificial fluorescent lighting rarely mimics.
The FeatherBrite Full Spectrum 15 Watt Spiral Compact Bulb emits the same color temperature as the sun at high noon. 
Natural daylight is also measured at a color rendering index (CRI) of 100, which shows the vibrance and intensity of colors in and around our environment.
The FeatherBrite Bulb has a CRI of 91, and will bring out colors in your bird’s feathers that you may not have even known existed while using a standard fluorescent cage light. 
What’s the difference between full spectrum and standard fluorescent lamps? 
Full spectrum fluorescent light emits light in all parts of the visual spectrum and some in the ultraviolet range (short-wavelength, high-energy light).
To be a full spectrum bulb, the color temperature must be 5000K or greater, and the CRI must be at least 90.
A standard fluorescent bulb generally only has a CRI of between 60 and 75, which means the intensity of the source of light is much lower, the temperature is cooler, and there is a noticeable difference or dulling of colors when objects are placed under a standard bulb. 
Keeping to those standards, the FeatherBrite Bulb comes quite close to being a source of natural light for your bird, and the differences, not just visually, but in the demeanor and general health of your bird are vast. 
Cage with full-spectrum light using FeatherBrite. Notice how much brighter the canary’s feathers are with full-spectrum light.
What are the benefits to my bird?
The FeatherBrite Bulb is comparable to bulbs used in forms of light therapy for those suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and sleep disorders.
A full spectrum bulb can help reestablish the body’s natural rhythm, which controls things like timing of sleep, hormone production, body temperature, and other biological functions.
These are the same effects the FeatherBrite Bulb can have on a bird. 
Some major benefits FeatherBrite will provide for your bird:
  • Prepares bird for seasonal changes
  • Encourages breeding behaviors
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Lowers obsessive/compulsive behavior frequencies
  • Relieves psychological distress
  • Mimics a bird’s natural environment
  • Aids in Vitamin D Synthesis
  • Maintains constant environmental temperature
  • Aids a bird’s visual acuity
  • Increases the longevity of the captive bird
  • And the above reasons are just a start!


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