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Aviaries Benefit You and Your Birds

Want lots of room inside your home for your winged pets? 4, 6 and 8 foot diameter cages are available with flooring and flashing that can be filled with your favorite bedding and then periodically sifted for cleaning. Now you can easily convert that extra room into a bird paradise!

While some view bird cages as a necessity or commodity with sometimes little attention given to the pets’ point of view; we think of bird cages as habitats. We encourage owners of pet birds to consider a roomy indoor aviary instead of small traditional bird cages…..even for smaller species, right at first. Why?

First time bird owners usually intend to purchase a large bird cage “at some point”, but usually end up buying a small bird cage to satisfy their immediate needs. They reason that there will be time to “upgrade” later. Unfortunately this many times never happens. Additionally, indoor aviaries give you the space benefit for even large species while at the same time provides you with as little as ½ inch bar spacing needed for smaller pet birds.

Most of these cages can also be purchased without the grate, trays, and casters to create a virtually maintenance free outdoor cage environment. Since this cage is outdoor ready, many people use them indoors for the winter months and outdoors in the moderate months. With Designer Cages by Aviary Connections, you have options!

How much simpler would your life be if your cage cleaning chores were cut by up to 80 percent? Outdoor aviaries will do that for you and more, even if your pets are outside for only several hours per day. They easily sit on existing decks, slabs, or inexpensive pavers from your local home improvement store. Simply hose it off and PRESTO….. the clean up is done!

Additionally, more and more veterinarians and pet bird behaviorists are starting to teach something that we’ve known for years. And that simple truth is that it is exceedingly healthy for your pet birds to have an outdoor environment that they can live and thrive in for at least regular periods each day.

In many, many cases undesirable traits like feather picking and excessive screaming have been minimized or even totally disappeared.

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