Is a Feline Pheromone Diffuser Unsafe for My Quaker to Be Around?

Is a Feline Pheromone Diffuser Unsafe for My Quaker to Be Around?

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Joyce R. asks

Hello!  I was wondering if a feline pheromone diffuser, such as Feliway, would be unsafe for my Quaker to be around. Your thoughts?

Many thanks!

Hi Joyce 

Using a feline pheromone diffuser around pet birds can have varying effects, depending on the specific type of pheromone diffuser and the sensitivity of the birds.

Feline pheromone diffusers, like Feliway, are designed to release synthetic versions of feline facial pheromones to help calm and reduce stress in cats. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. **Safety and Toxicity**: Generally, feline pheromone diffusers are considered safe for use around other pets, including birds. They do not contain harmful chemicals that would typically pose a risk to birds.
  2. **Bird Sensitivity**: Birds have a highly sensitive respiratory system. While pheromone diffusers are not typically harmful, it’s essential to monitor your birds for any signs of respiratory distress, unusual behavior, or discomfort when the diffuser is in use.
  3. **Behavioral Impact**: There is limited research on the impact of feline pheromones on birds. While the primary function is to calm cats, there is no substantial evidence to suggest that these pheromones will have a significant positive or negative behavioral effect on birds.
  4. **Placement**: To minimize any potential risks, place the pheromone diffuser in an area that is well-ventilated and not directly near the birdcage. Personally, I would place the unit in a room where there are no birds.
  5. **Consultation with a Veterinarian**: Before using any new product around your pets, including birds, it’s a good idea to consult with a veterinarian. They can provide personalized advice based on the specific types of pets you have and their health conditions.

If you notice any adverse effects on your birds after introducing a feline pheromone diffuser, discontinue its use and consult an avian veterinarian immediately.



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