Issues with Manzanita Bird Cage Perch

Issues with Manzanita Bird Cage Perch

Last Updated on by Mitch Rezman

I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the new manzanita bird cage perch. I was informed your bird was afraid of it as you approached the cage with it.

Was your bird IN the cage when you did this? If so, that was one mistake. You should never make any changes in your birds cage when they are in it.

Your birds cage is their home, it is the only place they can call their own, you trying to change things with them right there will upset most birds.

Ideally when you change a birds cage around you should remove the bird to a stand or another room. THEN make your changes, adjustments, clean it, etc. If you have not been adding or moving things in your birds cage at least WEEKLY, then you are not allowing your bird to learn and enjoy “change”. 

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In the wold, birds have change all day. It is normal. If the cage has not had its toys moved around, the perches moved, the dishes moved (if possible) then your bird can become “phobic” and afraid of all changes.

The best thing would be for you to remove the bird to another room or a stand. Then take out all the things in the cage and redecorate, including the new perch. Then put the bird back in and close the door. Your bird may react but it will adjust soon enough and start doing this often.

ALSO, never make changes to your birds cage in the darkening hours. A new item in the cage can frighten your bird to the point it is freaked out by morning and become phobic. All changes, cleaning, etc should be done in the morning or no later than early afternoon. 

I hope some of this has been helpful and you will not need to return the perch and spend what could be close to the cost of the perch to ship to us.

If the perch you feel is too slippery, you can rough it up with a bit of sandpaper, a saw blade or even a serrated bread knife. Just to create a better grip.

Thank you 
Catherine Tobsing

Mitch Rezman

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