Neighbor’s Are Suing Me for My Amazon’s Noise What Can I Do?

Neighbor’s Are Suing Me for My Amazon’s Noise What Can I Do?

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Pamela S writes:


I’ve 2 yellow Naples 37 and 40 years of age I’ve had since hand feeding. 


Recently after 26 years in this neighborhood my neighbor after 8 years has taken me to court for noise violation.


They’re outdoor cages in Fl. With 1 umbrella cockatoo in this heat, the judge said I should cover them which would kill them.


Having a 900 square foot no option for inside not fair since their lodgings are enormous.


They’re going to keep taking me to court and fines. It’s more harassment despite others aren’t bothered.


I need advice. HELP!


Hi Pamela,


 Loud pets can be problematic.


In another lifetime hybrid 2 types of dogs,  first malamutes and then later on Standard Poodles.


My daughter who lived alone took one of the malamute pups.


Rosie topped out at 130 lbs.


 She was quite vocal and drew the ire of neighbors.


Malamute toughness made bark collars worthless.


 Rosie overcame the problem with training and exercise.


Start recording scream times to see if there are triggers during the day that can be identified.


Florida is home to about two dozen Raptor species 


So you will want to check the skies to see if predatory Birds are having a negative effect on the flock.


 Clicker training should be introduced.


You can try redirection techniques as well.


Place a saucepan and wooden spoon not far but out of sight from the bird


Walk away from the bird and stay by the pot and spoon then await screeching.


Wait a few seconds,  pound the bottom of the pot with the spoon which will cause the bird to be silent for a moment because of the distraction.


Finally, run out to the bird what’s a high-value treat in lavish praise for the quiet.


If you would like to apply some Divergent thinking here’s a couple of potential routes you can explore 


US Service Animals | Emotional Support & Service Animal Registration


Tikis tale of de-voicing


I would advocate light therapy for birds in any case


Stay safe



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