Visit Our Collection of Your Bird Pics – Add Yours!

Visit Our Collection of Your Bird Pics – Add Yours!

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Here’s the place to show off your FIDS (Feathered Kids). It never ceases to amaze me the scope and dedication our readers have to the art of keeping pet birds.

Upload images of your bird(s) and/or cage here

Lisa S had a friend take her & Velzny’s picture and then photoshopped it

Photoshopped image of attractive woman with Indian ringneck parakeet on her right shoulder.

Velzny lookin’ very real

Violet Indian ringneck prakkeet on extended arm of a woman

Let us not forget Quincy my Opalmint GCC

Opalmint Green Cheek Conuure perched on sweatshirt od senior male

Barabara D’s 4 Amigos

4 budgies in birdcage

Lorna and Ron are far from being empty nesters – learn their story

 harligold macaw parrot named Jayda, age 13 with text


Richard needs a second coffee mug

Senegal parrot on coffee cup rim next to bottle of hot sauce on kitchen table with parrot themed table cloth

A little help in the kitchen is always welcome

Senegal parrot over seeing use of expresso machine

Ruthie’s Red Belly

Close up African Red Belly parrot

Billye and her hooligan conures ~ read about them here

Short haired woman closeup of face with a cinnamon green cheek conure on both shoulders

Carol Ann rescued Buddy (29) 21 years ago

Cockatoo wearing an American Flag bandana

Chico 46 Scarlet 39 Buddy 29

2 African greys and a cockatoo with some small and one large american flag

Gloria W’s two budgie cages

Gloria W's two budgie cages

Nova is Charmaine’s inquisitive Red-belled parrot (a poicephelus

Nova - Red-bellied parrot hanging upside-down from birdcage

Jeanne C. has been part of a Long Term Flock

Blue and gold macaw and red lored amazon parrots close up against dark background

Creature, Senegal Parrot, about 30 years old, is my studio manager. Here he is conferring with me about my color choices on the painting you see behind him. I think he prefers a brighter green and orange.


This how Paula’s boy keeps busy

Congo African Grey parrot on top of birdcage foraging on palm leaf ball

Michelle C. would like to introduce her rescues,

Burt Reynolds the Rescued Mustache Parakeet

Sun conure parakeet close up

Patrice relates, “she’s unclipped, and always flies from the house to watch me ride and clean stalls. Tika 30 years old and I’ve had her for 14 of them.”

Cockatoo perched outside near horse water trough

This is Karen’s “watch bird”

African grey inside looking at a close squirrel through sliding glass door

Patrick would like to introduce his cockatoo

Sulfur crested cockatoo eating with a waterfall background

Neal W’s flock consists of ~ 42 yo scarlet, 29 yo scarlet, 32 yo gw, 29 yo gw, 30 yo male Eclectus ~ Sylvia the oldest I have had since 7 mths old, all others are rehomed birds. Sylvia..42, Albert 32, BJ 29, Bailey 29…Kiwi 29

Scarlet macaw parrot on avian scale perch

Carol H. has this beautiful pineapple green cheek conure named “Jake”

Pineapple green cheek conure on blonde hair human

Yes, she plucks and has done so since 2006. I have tried sprays, diet changes, etc. but the issue remains. JB is a great traveler with us and has been smuggled into more than one fine hotel. We love her as she is and she is a cherished member of our family.

African grey on perch eating treat stick from right zygodactyl foot

Lori N. loves her flock

2 green quakers and a cockatiel

Rosemary has her hands full with Skipper 

blue and gold macaw parrot on mans arm

Brindel helping hit the high cords

yellow naped amazon on guitar neck with man playing

Laurie is a slave to this handsome boy

Yellow naped amazon parrot in birdcage

Meet Gigi, Bonnie M’s Sun Conure ~ Video

Tany is a slave to 1 cockatiel, 2 Nandays, CAG, TAG, goffins, U2, and a green wing macaw all rescues

Close up goffin cockatoo parrot

Mary is at Beaker’s beck and call

Green quaker parrot perching on top of white birdcage

Teri C. is a slave to Kacey

gray cockatiel in birdcage

Teri C. knows Sennies will always cover their butts

Senegal parrot chewing up a keyboard

Merlin and Arwen, now famous because of the book,

“The Beauty of Her Love”

Merlin was also on TV on Animal Planet some years ago. 

Lilac Crowned amazon parrot on birdcage

What do you recommend for a treat mix for Picasso, our yellowhead male Amazon that tends to be overweight ~? 

Lafebers Classic Avi-cakes Parrot 12 oz

Closeup double yellow headed amazon parrot

Looks like someone’s conure just got a bath

Wet cinnamon green cheek conure

Richards flock includes a Senegal, Blue and Gold Macaw and this peach face conure

Peach front conure

My girls

close up rose breasted cockatoo aka galahh


African grey in birdcage with toys overhead

Mr Beak, DYH Amazon, Sophie and Mango, Sun Conures, and Squeaky, green cheek conure sleeping on my lap snuggled up to a blanket.

2 sun conures on bird cage door

Black capped conure asleep on blANKET

double Yellow head amazon parrot on bird cage door

This is Daisy she is 22 years old. I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old.

Close up African grey parrot

 Let’s eat all of the beans out of the string beans

Jardines parrot eating string beans

Cassandra and Hewy 30 years ago

Attractive black woman holding a macaw parrot

Great flock


This is Tanya S’. beauty

Close up congo African grey named Tanya

Cissy R. has a refrigerator guard parrot.

Scarlett macaw parrot on top of refrigerator

Richard H. also is owned by a Senegal and Blue & gold macaw

Peach face conure

Jim C. has his hands (and face) full

Corella cockatoo and sun conure with pet parent Jim C.

Jennifer is a slave to 

Meyers parrot on sisal rope perch

Tanya S. is a Slave to

Close u goffin cockatoo

Elaina G. is Slave to

Red front amazon on bird cage

Mary is a slave to Beaker

Green Quaker Parrot

Wilma B. is a slave to the Grey for more than 40 years!


Beth is a slave to this blue and gold beauty

blue and gold macaw parrot hanging on bird play gym

Teri C. is a slave to Sweetpepper the Senegal & Kacey the special needs Senegal

Senegal standing on recently chewed stuffed chair

Special need cockatiel standing on cage floor looking for trouble

Lori lets Gobi dress for the holidays

African grey parrot wearing blue egg as hat for easter

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