Should I Introduce Moringa Powder for My Greenwing Macaws Diet?
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Should I Introduce Moringa Powder for My Greenwing Macaws Diet?

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David R. wants to know more about an Amazing Moringa Presentation


I’ve been meaning to ask this for some time now, What would you think of adding fresh Moringa to my Greenwing’s veggie bowl? 


If you do some research on Moringa, it’s supposed to be some of the most healthy vegetation on the planet. Please let me know what you think.


David R.


I was shopping on the site and saw this. Has anyone used it for their birds? Is it safe/good for them?


Loaded with tons of nutrients and antioxidants, moringa powder (also known as moringa leaf powder) is one of nature’s most nutritious superfoods. Moringa powder is considered a complete protein because it contains all 9 essential amino acids. Moringa supports the immune system, detoxifies the body, and improves mental clarity. Get a major health boost by adding 1 teaspoon of moringa powder to smoothies, juices, salad dressings, and more!


Tastes and Uses


Moringa powder has a rich, nutty flavor that works well with everyday foods. Mix one teaspoon of moringa powder into juices, beverages, smoothies, or yogurt. For a big nutritional boost, try mixing it in salad dressings or guacamole. It can also be sprinkled on your meals once they have been prepared. We advise against cooking moringa because heat will significantly reduce the potency of the vitamins.


Moringa Health Benefits


Native to India, Moringa oleifera leaves are highly nutritious and rich in vitamins, manganese, magnesium, lysine, riboflavin, calcium, thiamin, potassium, iron, protein, and niacin. Moringa powder also boasts all nine essential amino acids, which our bodies cannot produce naturally but require to function normally. It’s also extremely rich in antioxidants, which protect against cell damage from free radicals, and is a natural plant source of cytokinins, a group of hormones with anti-aging effects.


Ounce for ounce, moringa powder contains:


—> 7x the Vitamin C found in oranges

—> 4x the beta carotene of carrots

—> 3x the iron of spinach

—> 4x as much calcium as milk

—> 3x the potassium of bananas

—> Even more fiber than oats!


Moringa powder may also help with the management of diabetes. A 2006 study conducted by researchers at the Tokyo University of Agriculture found that moringa powder lowered blood glucose levels in diabetic rates. Researchers believe this may be attributed to moringa powder’s high dietary fiber content and the presence of a flavonoid called quercetin.


How Is It Made?


Moringa powder is made from dried Moringa oleifera leaves. To retain naturally-occurring nutrients, Moringa oleifera leaves are dried in an area hidden from the presence of direct sunlight. The delicate, dried leaves are then crushed to create the soft and fluffy moringa powder. About seven pounds of freshly harvested moringa leaves produce one pound of moringa leaf powder.


Hi David,

Yes, Moringa is bird safe and is available in a number of commercial bird foods as well as stand-alone products. I’ll point out here that Moringa is found in India and your Greenwing is indigenous to South America roughly 9,000 miles away.


That said I ask “what are your goals”?


How much Moringa will actually make it into your bird’s systems which begs the question will they ingest enough for the plant to make any difference to their metabolism?


Our scope of resources includes Mark Hagen (having a master’s in agriculture), who built and runs HARI (for about 35 years).


There is no Moringa in Hagen/Hari bird foods.


Dr. Lafeber of Lafebers, Dr. Harrison who founded Harrison’s bird food, and Tom Roudybush all feel their specifically engineered foods are just fine with Moringa being deficient in their commercial blends.


Although Moringa Contains 46 anti-oxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory agents. Rich in Omega-3, 6, and 9. High in Vitamin A (Alpha & Beta Carotene), B, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Folic Acid, and Biotin is all well and good, birds have anywhere from 3000 – 10,000 feathers. Feathers are derived from amino acids which are produced from protein.


We serve our 12 birds Hagen prime dissolved in water primarily because of the protein – Crude Protein (min) 11.0%, Crude Fat (min.) 0.5%, Crude Fiber (max.) 0.1%, Moisture (max) 4.0%, Ash (max) 8.0%.


I’ll advocate saving the money on Moringa and buying your macaw a new bird toy.




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