Whats the Best Way to Use Milk Thistle for Fatty Liver Disease?

Whats the Best Way to Use Milk Thistle for Fatty Liver Disease?

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June D. relates,

Catherine mentioned milk thistle liquid for helping manage liver disease in Amazon. Her diet is being changed and she is on a liver supplement from her Vet. Any suggestion regarding dosage would be very much appreciated.


Posey is 22 years of age and weighs 590 gms.


Dear June

Milk Thistle is a good supplement for birds, especially ones who suffer from fatty liver disease. Dosage varies depending on the brand and the weight of the bird.


I just looked at one brand that recommended 2 drops for a 2 lb bird. Well, only larger birds weigh 2 pounds, so what do you give a parakeet? A 1/4 drop? Just not possible so most likely a drop a day would be more than sufficient for most birds to start. 


Please note that the drops may not be very tasty so once the bird gets the quick dose, you might also offer a small treat like a berry so the bird can cleanse the nasty taste out of its mouth.


It truly is hard to determine but if you stick to 2 drops daily you should not have any issues and still feel like you are helping.



Weighing your bird weekly is a good option to determine if your bird is not doing as well and is starting to suffer more from the fatty liver.


Keep an eye on the beak and nails so that they are not too overgrown, as that is a sign of the disease progressing.


We took in a pair of parakeets a few months ago that now live with our flock of keet rescues and one day I noticed one’s beak was quite long. We had to pull him and trim his beak before he starved. Now we are watching him closely and monthly will do beak and nail trims to ensure that he can enjoy his life comfortably.


Please let us know how she is doing.


What do you recommend for a treat mix for Picasso, our yellow head male Amazon that tends to be overweight?

Right now he gets Harrison pellets & fresh veggies. We try to keep nuts & people treats to a minimum but he loves everything. Thank you in advance.

Dear Carolyn

One of the Goldenfeast Treat Mixes may be a worthy addition to your Amazon’s meal lineup. Just watch portions of course.

The quality is unsurpassed and worth it.

Goldenfeast Bean Supreme 3 lb


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  1. My 450 gram Double Yellow Amazon which has both diabetes and fatty liver disease is on a solution prescribed by my Avian Accredited Veterinarian. It is a mixture of milk thistle and lactose. Lactose is another thing that helps with liver disease. The combination has worked wonders for Pancho, she has been on it for 6 years.

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