Sitting on My Hand My Parrotlet Will Give Me a Good Wallop
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Sitting on My Hand My Parrotlet Will Give Me a Good Wallop

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Peter M. wrote:

If she (a parrotlet) is sitting on my hand she will turn around and give me a good wallop. She attacks everyone in my family, biting their necks, and arms wherever she can.  It is getting out of control. 

I have a full spectrum light above her cage, and turned it off hoping it would help.   I have reduced her hours of daylight and she is now getting 12 hrs of sleep.

She eats Harrison’s but also fresh foods.  What am I to do?


Catherine replied,

We recommend the full spectrum light be on 12 our on and 12 hours off. If you feel your bird is hormonal, you may want to give her a 72-hour light treatment.

You would put her in her cage for 3 full days 72 hours with the light ON.

This resets the circadian rhythm in their brain and helps to cause them to lose interest in hormonal behavior that also can include aggression.

How Pet Bird Keepers Get The Lighting Thing Wrong

After 3 days and nights in the full light, if it is a hormonal issue, it may be close to being resolved.

Is she perch trained? If not, start doing some laddering exercises to get her used to stepping up and then slip in a wood perch so she learns, This gives you another way to handle her without your putting your hands in harm’s way.

Is she clipped? If not, it would be a good time to clip her so you can work with her. Once her wings molt out and reglow, she may be a better pet for you.

I recommend looking at Youtube videos on Parrotlet training. I am sure that this is not that unique a problem.

I Reach out should you require further assistance.


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