What are Good Protein Sources for Parrots?
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What are Good Protein Sources for Parrots?

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Gabby M. relates

Hi all,

I make a chop of fresh veggies and if I can, fruit, but my guys do not seem to like fruit, since we incorporated it into the diet my Senegal Gabby does not eat any of his seed mix or his pellets or anything but the chop, I have incorporated beans and edamame into it for protein but am afraid he might not be getting enough protein.

I am putting it in twice a day at the evening change of food and in am before I head out so he has more to eat.

I am not sure if he gets enough protein in his diet with only the beans?

Quaker parrot eating human food from plate














Chili, one of our rescues designing his own meal plan.


I want him to be healthy and happy he seems both but I also want a balanced diet can you provide any help?


He does not like people food much like my grey Crackers eats everything but fruits except watermelon he loves.

I am researching online but not sure how much I can find on parrot-safe protein sources and not sure anything will have how much protein is too much.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Gail


Unfortunately, parrots eating nothing but chop will die of starvation.


In a blog post below, I created a nutritional label like the kind you see on all US packaged foods – for homemade bird chop.


Nutritional label for home made bird chop


I used one of the most popular chop recipes on the web to determine food values. Read more about that here: 


What is The True Lifespan of Parrots in Captivity?


We strongly advocate a base diet of commercial bird food to ensure total nutrition. 





Thanks, for the info Mitch.


My guy has gone back to eating his seed pellet mix and some other treats.


I have cut back on his chop which was never meant to be his sole food source.


He has pellets, a seed mix and chop, and a mix with nuts and stuff.


He eats little people food being a rescue I think is one reason.


I didn’t think chop alone would be good.


He also gets birdie bread which has lots of good stuff in it.


The other two also rescues get some chop but pellets and Nutriberries with seed mixed with some chop the seed mix has pellets in it also.


They all seem to like birdie bread eggs and other things. They will eat off my plate so get some food from me which is generally healthy.

It’s hard trying to make sure they are eating healthy getting exercise and everything.
Birds are a lot of work.
I love ten very much so will keep trying.
Rescues are most challenging.
I miss babies I raised from babies but they passed of old age mostly.
My cockatoo wouldn’t stop laying despite attempts and died at 20 one month after my son passed.
She lived with him that was her mate I always felt she passed because she knew since she was with him while was crying a lot.
The rescues just aren’t into cuddling.
My one flies.
The other two won’t fly.
My Grey walks all over.
The chop boy waits for me to move him.
I tell you birds!
Sounds like you have a good nutrition plan going.
If your birds are resistant to pellets try drizzling some apple juice over them.
I know where you are coming from – we have 9 flighted rescues – none would be considered cuddly.
If you run into a prolific egg layer again – we can help.

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