What Are Pet Bird Travel Carriers Made of?

What Are Pet Bird Travel Carriers Made of?

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Nat O. would like to know:


Hi, how’s it going?


What is the following cage made of: Fold Away Travel Cage Carrier for Medium Parrots #602 23 x17


Hi Nat,


The #602 medium parrot bird travel carrier is made of wrought iron coated with a pet-safe white paint.



These very popular carriers have been serving our customer’s needs for well over 10 years.


Never a complaint. Easy to assemble and fold up for storage.


These are all made out of the same materials.



When ordered they all ship quickly.


Nat replied

Thanks so much! Which would you use for a Congo African grey or an amazon?


Dear Nat


It depends on what you need to do.


If just for a trip to and from the vet, etc, then the #601 or #1305 by Prevue would be fine.


How Best to Travel With Your Bird?


The #1305 pet bird carrier includes a perch and two dishes.


If you plan to keep the bird in the carrier for a longer trip or boarding then the #602 would be plenty large enough.


The #603 is larger and great for longer-term boarding but may require 2 people to the bird’s transport in and out of vehicles.


Nat replied


Thank you so much for all of the info 🙂



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