What are the Best Practices for Feeding My Cockatiel?
What are the Best Practices for Feeding My Cockatiel?

What are the Best Practices for Feeding My Cockatiel?

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Hi. I have a 10-year-old Cockatiel that has been very ill.

I have always offered a variety of food both fresh human food & bird pellets.

When he became ill he just would barely eat anything at all.

The only food he showed interest in is the Goldenfeast Petite Hookbill Legume blend & Zupreem smart selects for Cockatiels.

Recently I added Avi-Era Bird Vitamins Lafebers 1.25 oz. He does feel much better and seems to be improving in spite of the Veterinarian’s prognosis.

My questions for you with your expertise are;

He will not touch (& never would!) round shapes.

Previously he ate Roudybush [Daily Maintenance] mini pellets but shows no interest now.

I recently became an online customer of yours and would very much like your opinion.

Thank you for your help!

Just whenever you get a chance.

Candace J.

Dear Candace

It is good to hear your cockatiel is doing better.

Lafeber’s products are not medications but are supplements to help where medications often can’t. We have heard some very good results from them.

Ideally, every bird should be getting more than a bag of birdseed to eat no matter how good it is.

Goldenfeast Petite Hookbill is a great product. However, there are no seed diets that are a balanced diet.

I recommend daily giving your bird a small dish with something in it. Even if the bird ignores it, every day a dish should be offered.

It can be dark green leafy veggies, cooked carrots, peas, mashed beans, scrambled eggs, a bit of cooked chicken, some noodles, a slice of apple, or something.

Every day. If using meats, or eggs, don’t leave them in the cage for more than about an hour.

And a multivitamin for birds put in a salt shaker sprinkled over these fresh foods is a great addition too.

Pellets, if your bird is eating just pellets then no additional multivitamins need to be added. But a seed diet will need added vitamins, even if there are some pellets too.

You might try pellets for smaller birds than cockatiels, my own tiel likes tiny pellets over the larger ones usually offered.

Tropican Cockatiel Granules are a lot smaller than say, Zupreem cockatiel pellets.

You might try Roudybush Nibles which are the smallest bits they offer in their daily maintenance line.

The mini might be too much for your ‘tiel to break up easily.

Reach out should you require further information.

Thank you for shopping with us, I hope we can serve your bird’s needs again.


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