What is a Proper Size African Grey RV Travel Birdcage?

What is a Proper Size African Grey RV Travel Birdcage?

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Lori-Ann O. reported,

We are going to be traveling with our African grey and we won’t be able to use his huge cage in our motor home but we are going to make the 1/2 bath into his room.

My question is “what is a proper birdcage size for traveling with an African grey?

He will be out of his cage a lot so mostly just for traveling sleeping napping and eating but it has to be much smaller 21 wide 24 deep and can be 60 high.

Can you suggest a cage for him?

Dear Lori

Traveling with a pet African grey parrot in an RV can be a unique and rewarding experience. However, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure the safety and well-being of your feathered companion.

  1. Secure the bird’s cage: It is important to secure the bird’s cage in the RV so that it does not move around during travel. Make sure the cage is positioned in a way that is comfortable for the bird and that it has access to food, water, and toys.
  2. Monitor temperature and humidity: African grey parrots are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Make sure the RV is kept at a comfortable temperature and humidity level to ensure the bird’s health and well-being.
  3. Provide plenty of fresh air: Good ventilation is essential for your bird’s health. Make sure there is plenty of fresh air circulating in the RV.
  4. Plan for rest stops: It is important to plan for rest stops during your journey so that your bird can stretch its wings and have a chance to exercise.
  5. Consider noise levels: African grey parrots are highly intelligent and social creatures, but they can be sensitive to loud or sudden noises. Be mindful of the noise levels in the RV and try to keep them at a comfortable level for your bird.
  6. Bring along familiar items: Bring along familiar items from your bird’s home, such as its favorite toys and perches, to help it feel more comfortable in the RV.
  7. Research pet-friendly RV parks: Not all RV parks are pet-friendly, so be sure to research and plan ahead to find a park that will welcome you and your bird.

Overall, traveling with an African grey parrot in an RV can be a wonderful experience as long as you take the necessary precautions to ensure your bird’s safety and well-being.

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Yes, a travel cage does not have to be so big. mainly for sleeping, security, and safety when you are moving or away from the motor home.

A lot of height is not needed. One of these would work well.

Flat Top Bird Cage for Medium Parrots by Prevue 124 Black

I recommend the above cage (prevue 124) instead of the (prevue 125) due to the dish configuration. This cage has thinner bars than the Prevue 125, but this one the food dishes are in front making it easier to use in a camper.

Fold Away Travel Cage Carrier for Smaller Parrots 1305 20×12  A VERY useful simple cage folds up in a flash when not needed.

Powder Coated Travel Carrier by King’s Cages ~ Black Silver This is a nice one as well with a lot of features. There are other colors too.

Wrought Iron Travel Carrier by Prevue 1307 for Medium Parrots This one, the shape is the same as the one above, but the perch on top goes in the other direction.

Here is our Bird Travel Carrier category that has all a pet bird travel needs.

Let me know if you need help with an order.


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