What Is Your Opinion of These Fresh Bird Chop Ingredients?

What Is Your Opinion of These Fresh Bird Chop Ingredients?

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Scott R. wonders,

Hi Mitch, always reading on how to keep my bird healthy and happy and stumbled on to your last email and was interested if maybe I should try making this food or not.

1 cup dry quinoa (makes about 2 cups when cooked), 2 carrots, 1 broccoli, 1 medium beetroot, 6 chilies, ¼ cup flaked almonds, ½ cup rolled oats. Cook quinoa, chop all other ingredients, and mix everything together.

Eclectus/Galah/Cockatoo/Amazon: 2-4 tablespoons

So with this recipe is this all my Cockatoo would need to eat for the day, 2-4 tablespoons, or is this over and above his regular daily intake?

I don’t want to misunderstand this.

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Also, the beetroot only saw that in a powder so far is that fine?

Thanks, Scott


According to the latest statistics Scott, 60% of pet birds die of starvation.

Which is what will happen to your birds should they attempt to survive on your version of chop.

In this blog post:

What is The True Lifespan of Parrots in Captivity?

 I took the most popular bird chop I could find on the internet and fed all the ingredients into software that creates a “Nutrition Facts” food label as you see on most products in the supermarket.

Your birds have roughly 6,000 to 8000 feathers.

Feathers are built upon amino acids.

Amino acids are derived from protein.

Your recipe provides little to no protein

Start with a base of good commercial food like Higgins Safflower Gold.

Offer a feeder dish with a couple of tablespoons of your chop in the cage for breakfast and remove it by mid-afternoon before it spoils.

We do that with all nine of our birds as well as provide vitamin water 24/7

I cannot speak to beetroot as I have done no research but can offer this list of bird-safe spices.

What human Foods and Spices are Good for Pet birds?



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