Hagen Tropican Bird Food Pellets

Hagen Tropican Bird Food Pellets

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Tropican is the only formulated food line that most birds will need in their lifetime, from a newly hatched baby chick to a mature, breeding adult.

For baby chicks, Tropican Breeding Diet is a formula product with no guesswork, recipes or cooking required. Tropican High-Performance Granules provide stressed or breeding birds with extra protein and minerals.

For regular maintenance, Tropican Lifetime Granules or Lifetime Food Sticks ensure that fussy eaters get a full balanced diet. Since Tropican incorporates vitamins and minerals, the Prime Supplement is not needed. 

Tropican High Performance Diets

are scientifically formulated as professional breeder diets, containing eight grains and nuts for optimum nutrition required during the growth and reproduction life cycles of most Psittacines typically raised in captivity.


Every batch of Tropican produced is tested for quality and nutrient control, plus fed to the HARI Flock prior to packaging and distribution.

When should I feed Tropican High Performance?

  • Parrots that are breeding::  Breeding parrots need extra protein to trigger reproductive hormones and ensure a healthy egg production. The female also requires a little more nutrients in her diet when rearing young because she is eating for two, … or… three,…. or four.
  • Parrots that are Weaning:: While fledgling or juvenile parrot species do reach the outward appearance of an adult by the time they are weaned, their bodies on the inside are still developing and do benefit from a little extra ‘punch’ of nutrients during this stage of their life. Achieve greater weaning success during this stressful time by spoon feeding warm, softened Tropican High
  • Performance Weaning Diet when making the transition from syringe feeding to solid foods. If the babies are fed Tropican Hand Feeding Formula, they’ll quickly recognize the same flavor and adapt to eating the softened Tropican on their own.

We suggest feeding Tropican High-Performance Tropican Weaning Diet for the first 6 months after weaning most parrot species, and up to nine months for large macaw species.

Parrots switching from a 100% seed diet to formulated diet:

Parrots that have been eating a primary diet of traditional parrot seed mix need a little boost to their amino acid profile, as well as other essential nutrients.

 They’ve been getting all the fat they need, perhaps too much. But, they are not getting a complete amino acid profile; therefore, they haven’t been getting the right protein. Tropican High Performance is made with ground sunflower meat and peanut kernel, a flavor those seed junkies will be sure to recognize and relish!

Try placing Tropican High-Performance Biscuits in a foraging toy! Even the pickiest bird can’t resist a tasty morsel-if they’ve worked for it!

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