What Lighting Should I Use For A 6 Month Old Cockatiel?

What Lighting Should I Use For A 6 Month Old Cockatiel?

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Hi, Mitch and the wonderful people at Windy City Parrot!


Can you advise me about lighting for my six-month-old female cockatiel?


I have been reading your blog posts about the importance of lighting, and I want to get it right for her.


She has a nice, tall cage—53” by 32”—and she spends many hours out of it each day.


Should I use a floor lamp, or is it better to hang a light in her cage?


What do I need to do this right?


My budget is about $100 right now, but I can save and go beyond that if I need to.


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Thanks! Claire

Hello Claire


Yes, lighting would benefit your cockatiel even if you don’t notice hormonal behavior, she likely is experiencing it.


Featherbrite makes some nice lamps at a price, but you can devise your own lamp set up at lower costs.


Featherbrite Cage top lamp


Featherbrite Swag lamp


A simple economy clamp-on or swag lamp would be fine. The floor lamp you have is fine if it will reach the top of the cage to shine down.


You can set up your light fixture as close to the top of the cage as possible, out of the reach of the birds.


Install a full spectrum bulb. And set on a timer for 12 hours on and 12 hours off, forever.


This will cause her to feel that she is in a warm climate in the summer, all the time.


Birds do not breed, nest or lay eggs in the summer and can just be a playful bird all the time.


I have linked you to items we offer that you can order or create yourself.


But get this done and your cockatiel should stay a social and friendly pet.


Be sure to remove all bedding, loose paper, nests, huts. She has to have the light on her daily. She can have toys, just nothing she can build a nest with.


You should see improved behavior within a month.


Please let me know how this goes for you.




Catherine Tobsing


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