What the Heck is a Moon Light for Pet Birds?
What the Heck is a Moon Light for Pet Birds?

What the Heck is a Moon Light for Pet Birds?

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I was reading your article from today, and you mentioned a moon light.

Is there such a thing and where are they available for sale?

I am also wondering if the 72-hour light, you mentioned, might be worth a try?

Love your emails and look forward to them every weekend.

By the way, my bird is a macaw.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Thank you for the kind words, Gail.

Here’s a link to the “Moon Light” which is helpful to birds with night frights.

Cockatiels are especially likely to suffer from them so we try to make sure they don’t sleep in a totally dark room.

We were taught the “72-hour light therapy treatment” by Dr. Gregory Harrison the creator of Harrison’s bird food.

At the time, about 10 years ago Harrison’s was selling a product called “Releeves” for prolific egg-laying birds. 

On the label, it stated something like “best used in conjunction with 72-hour light therapy.”

We collectively said “Huh,” and then I called the good doctor.

We spoke for about an hour and haven’t looked back.

Light therapy has helped countless birds since then with issues ranging from prolific egg-laying, to screaming and yes, plucking. 

Sometimes a second round needs to be applied or extended to 168 hours (7 days and nights), patience is your friend.

Get your lighting rig here.

Read the entire back story of light therapy for birds here.

We always like to know “what kind of macaw” you have as we have identified 43 species of macaw parrots



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