What’s the Best Pet Bird for Me?

What’s the Best Pet Bird for Me?

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Based on the information from the sources provided, the best pet bird for you depends on various factors such as your living environment, time commitment, and personal preferences. Here are some recommendations based on different criteria:

Full transparency,

With AI being all rage I asked chatGPT this question.

It demonstrates one of the many downsides to AI.

AI is fed info into a database, this is called training.

How do you know if something is AI or not?

Ask it (AI) for an opinion – it has none, only data.

So AI can only regurgitate what it’s learned from “the web.”

Ironically, we have nothing but human-generated opinions but not necessarily useful information.

From AI: **For Beginners and Low Maintenance:**

Parakeets (Budgerigar) are intelligent, cute, and generally enjoy interacting with their owners.

They are small, low-maintenance, and can be trained to do tricks like talking

Firstly we have 6 budgies that have required everything from $100 worth of stainless steel chicken wire to keep them from chewing through the interior screens of the awning windows to as much invested in “plexi panels”.

Their aviary sits in front of a bookcase.

It didn’t take long once we moved the aviary in front of the bookcase for everything in the bookcase to get covered in dust by the tiny (duster) birds.

Several Plexiglas panels tacked to the front of the bookcase and solved that issue.

Budgie aviary in front of bookcase covered in Plexiglas panels

Those chores were not “simple maintenance.”

3 Awning windows covered in stainless steel chickenwire

I emphasize stainless steel as galvanized is made with zinc which is poisonous to birds

Speaking of an aviary full of birds with budgies in particular you need to decide upfront if you’ll want a lone “pet” budgie or a flock of budgies because it’s hard to have both.

All pet birds require food, water, cleanup, and vacuuming regardless of their size.

A budgie’s bite is no less painful than that of a larger bird.

An obvious benefit of having a single budgie is having a smaller bird cage.

**For Affectionate Companionship:**

“Cockatiels are known for being affectionate and great companions ~ sometimes”.

Popcorn our albino cockatiel of many years (now deceased) would follow me around the apartment always perching a few feet away.

Once stationary she would find a way to get scritches.

Barney, our rescue grey cockatiel allows ME to pet his neck for short periods, but not Catherine.

That took 2 years.

He will fly by her bed in the morning and actually hop on a finger and occasionally will stay to chat for a while. But she can’t pet him.

“They are intelligent birds that may not talk much but can mimic sounds like doorbells.”

I’ve never heard a cockatiel make a sound like a doorbell.

Cockatiels are somewhat larger than parakeets and are easier to handle ~ sometimes.

Budgies weigh from 25 – 50 gm. A “fat” cockatiel weighs a little over 100 gm.

A green cheek conure comes in at about 64 grams making it another good choice between a cockatiel and a budgie although conures in general tend to be on the “noisey” side.

**For Low Maintenance and Observation:**

Finches or Canaries are ideal if you prefer low-maintenance pets that don’t require much direct interaction. They are social among their kind and can be enjoyed through observation.

I can not disagree with this. (Catherine here, “I” disagree with this, as canaries and finches also need company to be happy. But they do have their own issues, for another day)

**For Experienced Bird Owners:**

Macaws, especially Hyacinth Macaws, are large, friendly, and sociable birds that require ample space and attention.

Now this is something I CAN disagree with.

Years ago our friend Nick went to his partner’s house to do a wellness check.

He was too late, the partner had been dead for a week leaving his German shepherd a Greenwing and Hyacinth macaw.

Nick never had so much as a budgie took both giant birds home and never looked back.

About 15 years later we ran into Nick and his pair of macaws at our favorite vet’s office.

They form strong bonds with their owners but are best suited for experienced bird owners due to their size and needs.

Don’t believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet.

**For a Calm Presence:**

Doves are extremely sweet and gentle pets that rarely bite.

They are known for their calm nature and make great companions without being overly demanding of attention.

That said I find all birds to have a calming presence.

Yes, Barney can get a bit annoying in the morning when he tells the world what a “pretty bird” he is a foot away on my headboard but overall I always feel better when I’m surrounded by my birds.

Ultimately, the best pet bird for you will depend on your lifestyle, living situation, the time you can dedicate to your pet bird, and the level of interaction you desire with your feathered friend. It’s essential to consider these factors carefully before choosing a pet bird to ensure a happy and fulfilling relationship for both you and your new avian companion.

Written by Mitch Rezman and the Windy City Parrot Content Team

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