Why Cant My New Young Budgie Fly Well?

Why Cant My New Young Budgie Fly Well?

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Nancy M. is concerned about her young budgie,


Hello, a few months ago you helped me with a question about my parakeet with a feather cyst.


I now have another young parakeet since August who is unable to fly and seldom chirps or makes a sound. It appears to be a male. 

He can fly from the cage to the floor but is unable to obtain enough height to fly more than a few inches above the floor. His flight feathers have not grown.


He spends most of the day sitting on a lower shelf on the cart we keep the cage on.


He is able to climb very well and seems to be content and does engage with our other male parakeet while in and out of the cage.


Any thoughts? He was purchased at Petco where we have obtained all of our other parakeets who were able to fly within a few weeks. 


Thank you.


Dear Nancy


We hope that you were able to help your bird with the feather cyst. Yes, just picking them out is really all anyone can do for them. Canaries are also known for this issue. Inbreeding is a problem for birds which only results in this happening more.


Your new parakeet sounds like it has developmental issues in terms of flight. A form of retardation or a neurological condition.


He also was probably never fledged so his chest muscles were never fully developed.


He may be able to live a few years if kept in a shallow cage and watched to make sure other birds don’t pick on him and that he can reach the food and water and have some low-hung toys or loose balls to roll around.




Dear Catherine


The information about the feather cyst was helpful.


As far as our new parakeet thank you for your insight and suggestions. It confirmed what I was thinking. 
We will make sure he is comfortable and safe.
I look forward to the Birdie Brunch on Sundays.
Update 2/28/2022

Hi Catherine,

In this week’s Birdie Brunch you posted my question about my new budgie who was unable to fly.

Just wanted to give you an update.

About a month ago he started to fly. Although he was hesitant at first he is now confident and is also singing and just as active as our other budgie although he is a bit smaller.

Needless to say, we are so happy to see him thriving. Thanks again for all of your help.

Dear Nancy

Thank you so much for writing about your little one that had a slow start. I am so glad that he has moved forward and is doing well.

I had looked for any updates before this article was written.

We had another writer whose bird in a similar situation did not make it. He was much worse off.

It is wonderful that you stayed by this one and helped him to find his wings and voice.

Thank you so much for the update. It will be added to the article.

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