Why Does My Macaw Regurgitate in Her Cage Daily?
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Why Does My Macaw Regurgitate in Her Cage Daily?

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Charles S. relates


My bird is 14 years old. I have had him/her since being a baby!


Every day she regurgitates about a cup full in her cage!


When I leave her with an experienced bird keeper she does not do this!


They indicated that I may be petting her in a way that arouses her and that may be the problem.


She has been doing this for years.


Could it be how I’m feeding her? Usually, I feed her orange slices, 1 cracker, 2 peanuts, and a scoop of Zupreem twice a day.


Plus I give her another couple of peanuts as a treat during the day?


Dear Charles

Daily regurgitation is not healthy for any bird. To rule out a health issue you really should take your bird to an Avian Vet for an examination. Otherwise, there are reasons it can be happening.


1. Your bird has bonded with you are its mate, not just as a companion. So it is doing it for you but can’t reach you so it is “feeding” its toys instead.


Handling the bird incorrectly can result in this issue. Parrots can be sexually stimulated when handled below the neck so your stroking must be limited to the neck and up.


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In the wild parrots do not groom each other below the neck because they can reach everywhere on their own bodies themselves. But the neck and up that cannot and they love the attention.


2. Lighting. Do you have a strong daylight or Full Spectrum bulb shining down just over the top of the bird on its stand or its cage?


If the lighting is dim then your bird is dealing with raging hormones due to dim lighting causing it to want to build a nest, have a mate and raise a family.


3. Do you have a sleeping hut, tent, blankets over the cage, lots of fluffy toys, or anything that can be considered a bed or nesting material?



If so, it all has to come out and go away. Toys should be hung up along the insides of the cage near perches and be able to played without enveloping the bird.

Stick to wood, plastic, metal toys. Anything that is shreddable must be removed.


Now the diet.


No more oranges. It may be causing birdie heartburn and your bird may be suffering from irritation in its crop.


Citrus is acidic and even a little can cause health issues.


I recommend in the morning, giving your bird a dish with a few chunks of apple, some thawed frozen vegetables like corn, peas, carrots, beans.


You can get creative over time. But EVERY DAY, put in a dish of breakfast fresh food. You can include a 1″ square of toast. A little chunk of scrambled egg. Try a single grape, washed and cut in half.



Save the crackers for a treat. The peanuts are okay as long as they are infrequent, roasted, and fresh from a known manufacturer.


He/she can also have a bit of chicken and if enjoyed even a tiny bit of firm cheese like mozzarella, but only at most a 1/2″ square.


Birds are lactose intolerant, but no one ever told the birds. So cheese will just go through the bird undigested. Your bird might enjoy a tiny corner torn off your grilled cheese.


I recommend you adding a multivitamin to your bird’s food or water because the constant regurgitation is bringing up nutrition that is not going through its system and your bird’s health may be lacking.


Lafeber’s Avi-Era


I hope some of this helps.


Please get back to me if I can help further.




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