Why Has One of My 2 Quakers Gotten Bitey?

Why Has One of My 2 Quakers Gotten Bitey?

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Carolyn L. writes


I have two Quakers, one green one blue Zachary and Felix.


Zach is about 7 and Felix is a sweet 2 yr old.


They are in separate cages because Zachary has gotten very nasty and attacks little Felix.


Zach bites everything and everyone!


Felix loves me and nibbles but not to hurt.


How can I get Zach to stop the biting so I can get them together?

Zach hardly comes out of his cage bc of the biting and when I open his cage door so he can roam around on his own he screams.


Also, neither of them seems to be bathing with their water.


I have to put them in the kitchen sink and water them down myself.


They are both good eaters and love bananas the most.


They love lentils and apples and mango also.


They get a mix of Nutri-berries and seed along with their fruit and a mix of lentils and other like things that I cook for them.


I’m going to try something you told someone else of cleaning out the cage and moving things around and new toys, putting little Felix in first and then Zachary and see why they do.


If Zach starts attacking he will go back in the other cage.


Any help with the biting would be appreciated.


It really hurts!


You are preaching to the choir, Carolyn.


We have three rescues, an African ringneck whose a biter.


We rescued a blue Quaker about a month ago and his hand taming was a little agitated and we can see hormonal behavior because he masturbates a lot.


Literally about three hours ago I came home with a sweet little cockatiel was about to be abandoned in a house that was soon to be empty.


Luckily he was only 3 miles away so that worked out well.


Chili our Quaker bathing


Yes, they both need separate cages and rearranging cages especially Zacks is essential.


Further, we need to get Zach on light therapy.


This means putting the bird on lockdown and keeping a light on over his cage for 72 hours without the bird leaving.


This is very effective and sometimes has to be done twice but let’s start with babies.


Here’s an instruction set and how to carry out pet bird light therapy in the few components needed to pull the project together.


I hope this works for the three of you please keep us in the loop.





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