Why is my Blue Fronted Amazon Holding His Head So Low?

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I  received this reply from a pet bird keeper in our Windy City Parrot community.

Diana relates (see thread below):

I wanted to reply to the person whose bird stood with its head lowered. 

My Yellow Nape did that and I found out he had arthritis in his one leg. 

So to get the weight off of it he would take that position.

Whenever it bothers him and I see him doing that I put the required dose of Medicam on three small bits of Madeleine cookie and he will eat the whole thing getting the full dose.

The vet of course would inject him. 

But I do not want to do that. 

So please share this with that person.

Dorothy N.

Original thread below.

From Diana Y.

Hello, Mitch.

Our blue-crested Amazon (AKA Touquise fronted Amazon) whom we have had for over thirty-five years (I’m not sure how old she was when we got her-fairly young, I think) has been sleeping recently with her head lowered below her perch.

I’m not sure if this is an age thing or if something else is going on.

Her position does not seem very comfortable.

I was wondering if anyone makes something that would allow me to make a nest of sorts in the corner of her cage that might appeal to her as a sleeping corner.

She is usually on top of her cage, on a perch and she sleeps up there as well with her head lowered beneath the porch.

She generally spends all of her time on top of the cage, but, she goes inside the cage midday and stays there for a while to play with some toys she has there.

Thank you.


Hi Diana,

You could introduce a flat perch or two but I will advocate for a trip to the vet as the posturing indicates some sort of illness.

Stay safe



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