Why Is Our Elenora Cockatoo Losing So Much Weight?

Why Is Our Elenora Cockatoo Losing So Much Weight?

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Jane M. is concerned,


Our Elenora cockatoo is 24 yrs old.


Hailey has lost 27 grams in one week.


Editors note ~ the species Elenora cockatoo weigh an average of 475 g, cockatiels weigh about 100g for comparison. Endnote


We weigh her weekly.


She’s really not eating and if she does, it’s only a few bites.


She’s gone without eating before, but she’ll always start back up again.


She’s always been a very picky eater since she was small.


I feel I should call our vet and have her check her out, but I wanted to ask you what you think.



Dear Jane

YES! Call your vet, do not delay! Let us know what they say. Praying for your bird.


Catherine, I just wanted to let you know that we took Hailey to the vet and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her but they did agree she was much less in weight than they would like. 


They think that when we got to the end of her seed bag there might have been some fungus in it because she wasn’t eating it.  


When we threw the rest of that away and opened up a new bag she started to eat the new one. 


She is eating pretty well now and has gained some weight back. 


I really enjoy the birdie brunch from you guys


Thank you for letting us know Jane. 




Mitch Rezman

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