Windy City Parrot Sale Coupon Questions

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Can I use coupons on this promotion?


But how come?

We get special pricing from the manufacturer on these cages – we want to be able to pass on the savings to our new AND existing customers at the same low price. Because the first time coupon 15% discount is not available to existing customers, the one low price for everyone makes sense.

OK but what about 15% Off Your First Order With Us – Coupon code 15
Coupon questions – click here

We have a couple of thousand other items, including all our bird cages & standsthat you can get 15% off on your first order with us. You can include the sale cage on your order with other items and the 15% coupon will calculate 15% off on everything except the sale cage automatically

Can I redeem my rewards pointson the sale cages?


Where does it say “Free Shipping” at checkout?

On Checkout step 3 of 4 Select – “Free Ship – AE Carrier – $0.00”

I live in Canada, do I still get free shipping?

Sorry – Free shipping only applies to the 48 Continental U.S. states – Canadian, Puerto Rican, Alaskan, Hawaiian and all non-US customers can find out how much additional shipping will be onCheckout step 3 of 4 by selecting from the drop down box labeled “Ship Via:”

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