Zupreem Natural Parrot Food
Zupreem Natural Parrot Food

Zupreem Natural Parrot Food

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More on AvianMaintenance™

  • Added carrots, celery, beets, watercress and spinach ground from fresh vegetables for a new veggie flavor New and improved flavors increase palatability so even the most finicky birds find these diets irresistible
  • No colorants or fruit shapes Naturally tan oval-shaped nuggets* appeal to bird owners who want to feed a more natural diet

  • Complete and balanced nutrition Nutritionally balanced and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals birds need for good health
  • Extrusion cooking enhances carbohydrate bioavailability More digestible than cold-pressed pelleted diets or seed mixtures, and offer maximum digestibility and nutrient absorption
  • More cost efficient than feeding seeds Less product waste than with seeds, and provide consistent quality nutrition with no vitamin or mineral supplements required or recommended
  • Naturally preserved with Vitamins E and C Longer shelf life than seeds and contain no artificial preservatives
  • Stringent quality control standards – Manufactured in an American Institute of Baking certified food-grade plant Fixed formulations with high-quality fresh ingredients provide consistent dependable nutrition in every bag
  • Controlled iron content (less than 80 ppm) Species predisposed to iron-storage disease may benefit from these dietsProduct CharacteristicsAvianMaintenance™ Natural Diets contain extruded nuggets, naturally tan in color and available in five nugget sizes for different species.* AvianMaintenance™ FruitBlend™ Flavor Diets are also available and appeal to bird owners who want to feed a diet with fruit-shaped and fruit-colored nuggets.*Individual oval shapes are maintained where nugget size allows.

    Shelf-life: One year from date of manufacture.

    Guaranteed Analysis

    • Crude Protein Not less than 14.0%
    • Crude Fat Not less than 4.0%
    • Crude Fiber Not greater than 2.5%
    • Moisture Not greater than 10.0%

    Storage Instructions

    Store in a cool dry place, free of pests and insects.

    Gently push air from bag and reseal immediately after use.


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