Are Robots Good Caregivers to Pet Birds?

Are Robots Good Caregivers to Pet Birds?

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Currently, ChatGPT averages 13 million unique visitors a day, according to UBS and I’m one of those charmed by the magic. 

Because the backbreaking job of putting words onto a digital screen can weary a senior citizen like me I will start attempting to offload this heavy burden by employing the cheapest (for now – I’m already on the waitlist for the pro version) employee I could find ~ a robot.

Find your own robot parrot lego set (seen above) here

On occasion, I will ask, we’ll call her Polly Bot, questions about animal husbandry for captive birds. 

This week’s question

“I want to build the perfect indoor pet bird aviary with the following specifications”

10 ft x 12 ft

What are the best materials?

What is the best combination of bird species to share the space?

How much light would be required?

What are some common foods that can be shared?

I just added the highlights, she provided the numbered list

For the aviary:

  1. The best materials for an indoor aviary are sturdy wire mesh or screen, with a sturdy frame made of wood or metal. Ensure the mesh is small enough to prevent escape.

For the birds:

  1. A good combination of bird species to share the space would be birds of similar sizes and temperaments, such as parakeets, canaries, or finches. Avoid mixing species that may become aggressive towards each other.

For lighting:

  1. The aviary should have access to natural sunlight, but if not, full-spectrum UV-A and UV-B lights can be used to provide necessary UV exposure for the birds.

For food:

  1. Common foods that can be shared among the birds include a variety of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and formulated pellet diets. It’s important to also provide a source of fresh water for drinking and bathing.

Is this enough information for you?

Would you now use “Google” to get more data?

Would you ask for more details?

Let us know in the comments below


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