Accolades To All Birdie Moms

Accolades To All Birdie Moms

Spoiler alert: Your mother’s day gift is at the bottom.


Having 11 birds, 10 budgies and an African ringneck, we get it.

Living upstairs of our new facility, Keto (the ringneck) sleeps on the second floor with us but spends the day supervising mom in his “office cage (below).



“Keto’s a biter”.


If he is within 2 inches of skin he will lash out and bite.


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How To Easily Get Powdered Supplements Into Your Bird – Video

[videopress FAu95SeO]

There are no wrong or right procedures or specific foods for any given bird.

It’s always good to start with a manufacturers well rounded parrot food blend like Hagan Tropimix which has seeds, nuts, fruit and Hagen Tropimix pellets.

Some birds are extraordinarily picky eaters and will only eat seed.

A straight bird food pellet diet is not necessarily the answer.

We tell people “there are no pellet trees in the rain forest”



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