Does My English Budgie Have Testicular Cancer?

Does My English Budgie Have Testicular Cancer?

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Pam G writes:

I have a 4-year-old male English budgie whose cere has changed from blue to purplish brown.


He also has loose whitish droppings and very large regular droppings.


He recently has stopped talking and doesn’t show interest in his mating rituals with his toys.


I am concerned that he has testicular cancer.


Took him to the vet about 6 months ago when he looked like he was about to die.


He was put on an antibiotic and has since recovered.


I don’t think the vet had a clue about how to help him.


Not sure if you can help – any ideas?



Dear Pam


I checked into it and sure enough, the cere color change is an indication that the male bird may have testicular cancer.


Very sad.


Unfortunately, as Australian parakeets have been imported into the USA long ago, and we can no longer get any fresh blood, the inbreeding that has been done has created birds that are just not getting better in regards to their health.


They are prone to tumors and all sorts of effects of being bred back to a family member. And they are all so related at this point.


Parakeets used to be able to live until upwards of 25 years.


Not so much anymore.


Typical is 7 to 12 if one is lucky.


We have an aviary with 8 parakeets, all rescues for 3 years now.


Well, there were 10.


Two did pass recently, one after a year of not looking well, and the other suddenly without noticing any issues.


They are well-fed, lots of room to fly, sit, play and socialize,


budgie video


They get a seed mix and fresh chopped veggies daily, some apple, vitamins, cuttlebone and of course water.


There is really nothing you can do other than to make him comfortable, warm and well-fed, clean and safe until it is his time to go.


If you feel that he is suffering, then you may wish to have him euthanized.


I am very sorry for your little one’s illness. it always hurts to feel our pets are in pain.


Kindest regards,


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