How Can I Help My Egg Bound Cockatoo?

How Can I Help My Egg Bound Cockatoo?

Debbie S. writes: Hi! I got your contact info from a long-time bird-loving friend. I reached out to “Gloria” yesterday as she has lots of birds and bird knowledge and we have 1 bird. We have an Umbrella Crested Cockatoo – since she hatched and is now age 28. She’s very healthy all her life, good diet, exercise, toys, etc.
She lays eggs each spring (a few sometimes more) last year less and this year none so far. We are VERY concerned because we think she can’t get an EGG out!   We noticed her lower abdomen was protruding (like a beer belly) and can tell there is an egg although, can’t see it when looking underneath.   She seems fine otherwise, eating, playing, etc.   What can we do to help her get the Egg out! 🙂   THANKS!   Hi Debbie You have 2 choices go to the vet or try it yourself.   Please also consider shutting the egg-laying down Best MitchR     Debra replied Hi Mitch,
Thank you so much for these links! We are not sure what happened with Famous re an Egg?
  We have closely monitored her… no Egg!   She is not as big/egg-wise-looking as she was?  
We did a Vet ZOOM call visit (due to COVID) a few weeks ago when we were at heightened concern (lower big abdomen) and seemed like egg should be coming out, the Vet gave us a tip of putting her in a container of warm water to help relax re an egg, Famous did like this 2 times and then didn’t – the 2nd time I noticed a big clump of whitish? stuck below her vent area, I swished the warm water around that to loosen (as was hard and stuck on) and that enabled her to get it off – maybe that was something that came out?
  She looks great, happy as always, eating, pooh is normal – she seems 100% – I have learned that we should remove her little blankie that she LOVES to nest/play in to help stop her from producing eggs — but the Vet said wait until the egg is out.   Since no egg, not sure when to remove it – put in a couple of new wood toys and she went totally into play/destroy them mode.   We live in an open (she sees us and our tiny pup a lot) very modern 5th floor flat with ceiling-to-floor windows – but she is in a space opposite the wall of a window probably 15′ away (doesn’t ever seem threatened by the window view) – she can see nature, we have vast nature views – nothing scary like cars or noises.   Anyway, thanks again for the video – we will retain it.   She has been on Lafeber pellets & Nutra berries her whole (28 years) life, do you think she needs an additional vitamin supplement?   Thanks! Deb   Debra S. replied   What does “shutting the egg-laying” down? Thanks!  
MitchR explains:
  We use light therapy (72 – 168 hours of constant light) to break your bird’s current circadian rhythm thus halting prolific egg-laying Learn about the process here:     Re: She has been on Lafaber pellets & nutria berries her whole (28 years) life, do you think she needs an additional vitamin supplement?   Hi Debbie   I forgot to answer your question about supplements and nutri berries   Lafebers pellets don’t have a lot of supplements added so you may want to consider their vitamins   You can also introduce Avi cakes from Lafeber’s which contain 50% pellets versus 8% for Nutri berries.   Because Avi cakes are bound with molasses they are a good vehicle for powdered supplements  as illustrated in this video  

A Better Bird Ep 21 Easily Feed Powdered Supplements to Your Bird

Best MitchR Thanks, Mitch, I just placed an order!
Saw the little boxes to put food and toys in, what a great idea – so ordered some little things – she likes to stay busy!
We will add the vitamins to her water – how often re the calcium? So strange re the “no egg” – we think maybe she had a miscarriage and dealt with it??? She seems 100% and playing, eating all as usual. We did remove her “blankie” that she liked to snuggle in after advice not to do that as she encourages eggs. Thanks again! Take care, Deb.   MitchR responded:  
It sounds like the bound egg broke and worked its way out over time – lucky! Keep a close eye on her vent for irritation and/or infection. If you see another egg, please reach out and we’ll walk you through the process of what to do.
  Thank you for the update and the order Best MitchR

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