How Do I Handle Red Front Macaw From an Inheritance?

How Do I Handle Red Front Macaw From an Inheritance?

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David K. relates,


In search of your wisdom


I have a Red Front macaw from an inheritance and his companion was a cat killed by my fault.


What other macaws would be a good fit for him?


Thank you for your help, David


Dear David, You have a Red Front Macaw but it was friends with a cat that is now deceased? 


We need more details before we can make any recommendations.


  • How old is the bird?
  • How long have you had it?
  • Did it come with the cat?
  • Do you have other birds?
  • What is the cage size?
  • Can you send us pictures of it?
  • Why are you looking for another companion instead of yourself for the bird?
  • Is the bird tame?
  • Does it have a safe cage to live in?
  • Please a more detailed story can be helpful.



If you are looking for a companion for the bird I would recommend that you contact a local bird club or bird rescue and see if they have any older birds in that size range that may also be in a similar situation.


David replied,


No, his companion was a blue & gold macaw and a feral cat got her and killed her.


The red front is about 15 to 20 years old.


Lives in a house with me and 3 pugs.


Now you see why I have been a long-time lurker because I am a barely functioning illiterate.


Yes, I have fixed where the cat got into the garage where the cage was, and yes I have a nice big cage all I want to know from you guys, what type of macaw would be compatible with my macaw.


A military macaw maybe something about his size and female?


I think no breeding intended, will find on my own if I can thank you, David


Dear David

Don’t worry about your words. You made it clear when I asked you to clarify.


You said the bird that had been killed was a Blue & Gold macaw. So your bird is used to a larger macaw. Perhaps you will locate another lonely Blue & Gold.


However, I am concerned about the cage being in the garage. It is not a good life for a parrot, even if they have a buddy. Have you considered rehoming the remaining parrot?



Thank you for your help sorry to be a pain in the butt. I took too much of your time and the loss of my girl was my fault and still miss her. Birds will be in-house now.


Good to hear, let me know how it goes.


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