How Much & How Often Should I Feed a Two-month-old Sun Conure?
Sun conure parrot on blue towel

How Much & How Often Should I Feed a Two-month-old Sun Conure?

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The first answer to the Quora question:

I don’t know but I would recommend joining one of the many parrot groups on Facebook. I would think he would be eating very often. When my eclectus was 5 months he would eat a meal and then 15 minutes later be hungry again!

Well, that was helpful ~ not.

Facebook groups are the absolute worse place for pet bird information. If the information were ANY good we would not see 60% death by starvation of pet birds in the US.

I’ve been writing about, selling pet bird food/supplies, and installing birdcages in human homes for almost 20 years.

In answer to your question, my recommendation would be to continue hand feeding at least 3 times daily around the clock for at least 1 – 3 more months. you can use a commercial food like Higgins Worldly Cuisines which can be cooked and has a 2 oz microwave available as a bridge.

Moving forward a good commercial pet bird food like Higgins Safflower Gold which has seeds, fruit, nuts, and InTune pellets.

Feeding cups should be left out around the clock.

We supplement our (10) with fresh fruits and veggies introducing them at breakfast the removing them while refreshing food and vitamin water midday.

Our 3 small (rescue) parrots get a treat prior to birdie bedtime when their full spectrum lights turn off via timers – the 7 budgies don’t get a bedtime treat but their lights are on a timer as well.

Everyone gets fresh vitamin water every morning.



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