What Supplements Do You Suggest for My Canaries Enlarged Mass

What Supplements Do You Suggest for My Canaries Enlarged Mass

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Dear Kajsa

I read your voicemail and wanted to send you some suggestions.

Is the bird in pain or it has a lump so that is why your father took him to the vet?

Nothing can be done about internal fatty tumors. Canaries are widely inbred and as such tumors are very common.

Seed mixes have added vitamins but it isn’t the best source unless the bird is eating a mainly pellet diet which is heavy with vitamins thus no additional vitamins would be needed.

A multivitamin would be a good addition to the bird’s diet.  What we do is mix up a quart plastic bottle of water with the vitamin powder, keep in the fridge, and dole it out daily until it is gone, then make up another bottle. Use that for the birds drinking water, change it 1-2 times daily for freshness.

Canaries – Nature’s IPods – Why They Sing

These are highly suitable and effective canary supplements

Lafeber Avi-Era

Hagen Prime

Nekton S

From: Kajsa L


You are truly the best!

Thank you so much for this insight.

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The longer story is that I got this Canary for my mom with late-stage Alzheimer’s and she really loves him.

I bought him from a breeder in Cleveland and drove him back to Cincinnati, and then drove him all the way to Minnesota to his forever home. I promised my mom that I would get her the best singer and he was it. For sure.

They had to say goodbye to their dog recently and so he is the last pet.

He has been eating and drinking, but not singing. He went through his molds a little bit later than my birds, and he had just started singing again. He also has this funny tendency to play dead after I clip his nails.

This is the first time that I’ve had Canaries, but boy they sure are quirky!

And quite the little personalities.

My mom still lives at home and my dad is the primary caretaker but it is a tough job.

I noticed the lump in June and I don’t live in the area when I came back in September and again in November, the mass had gotten larger and it was creating worry for me.

With everything going on and how much they love this little bird, and what joy he has brought to all of us, I just didn’t feel right, not having him in the care of an avian vet. 

I did some calling and there was an eight-month wait at my preferred clinic in that area and really hard to get into other places for non-emergency care.

But, they called me a few hours later to say they were opening up a few new patients lot so we took it.

I suspected it was some type of benign tumor because he was eating and drinking normally.

At the same time, I also know that the air quality in their house isn’t super great.

They don’t smoke or use any perfumes, but with the elderly dog, they did use a lot of that powder deodorizer, which is not so great and they do not open their windows much even in warm weather, nor do they run the air conditioning. 

I just wanted him to get it checked out. The vet said it was a xanthoma, not within his body and he otherwise looks great. 

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He doesn’t get the same fresh treats as I give my canaries often (I wish he could but my dad does not often think of it), one of them being his brother. I will look at your recommendations in more detail tomorrow.

For now, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the support because it means so much during this really tough and sad time for me.

I really appreciate your love and kindness, and all you do for me and so many others. Your customer support means the world.

I will be in touch!


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