I Think Some of the Bulky Goldenfeast Ingredients I May Need to Break Up

I Think Some of the Bulky Goldenfeast Ingredients I May Need to Break Up

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Deborah P. relates

Hi Catherine

Got the food today. I like the Goldenfeast, but I think some of the bulky items I may need to break up. Right now I am at a loss as to what I need to order for my small Timneh-grey.

Then I have an eclectus.

It seems your foods have changed so I am looking for food for these two.

Would appreciate suggestions.

Both are eating what I got, but some of the shelled nuts are too big. 

I appreciate any advice here. In the meantime, I can look for something here to mix in with these that they can forage through.

The Tikal is fine but the Amazon blend is very large. Thank you so much.

Dear Deborah

I see that you recently ordered two varieties that you have not ordered previously

Sunburst Parrot and Goldenfeast Amazon

The Sunburst Parrot should be fine for your Ecky and the Timneh, you may wish to crack open the few larger nuts in the shell for them.

I use that size and Higgins Safflower Gold Parrot for our Quaker and ringneck parrots.

They are smaller birds but they like the bigger seeds. They are unable to open the almonds and hazelnuts in shell so I do that for them.

If I chose a small mix like Sunburst Conure or Safflower Gold Conure there would be a lot more tiny seeds that they won’t eat as much, so the larger blends work best for them.

The Goldenfeast Amazon should be fine, but it may have larger dried fruit chunks, and nuts in its shell as it is sized for Amazons to Macaws. You should be able to chop up the larger bits to try and get more use out of it for your birds.

If you are looking for a seed mix to mix in to thin it out, size-wise. Then I recommend a 3 lb bag of the Higgins Safflower Gold Parrot. It is a pretty basic safflower seed mix without loads of add-ins.

FYI, Goldenfeast and Higgins Bird Foods are all now made by the same company, Versele-Laga. So they now share the same sources for ingredients and thus can be mixed and matched well.


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