It’s 17 Years and Now My Birds Beak Grows So Fast, What Can I Do?

It’s 17 Years and Now My Birds Beak Grows So Fast, What Can I Do?

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It’s 17 years I have my bird and his beak grows so fast, I try to clip it with a nail clipper but sometimes it bleeds, can you tell how best I can cut his beak.

Dear Mariano

Some birds’ beaks may seem like they are longer than they should be but often, the longer tip is usually completely normal.

Does your bird’s beak appear longer than pictures of other quaker parrots?

Overgrown beaks are usually a sign of Fatty Liver disease. This condition can cause a bird’s beak and nails to grow too long. Requiring regular trimming.

Over time the beak will become thicker and have more likelihood of bleeding and pain.

If you have not already, I recommend taking your bird to an avian veterinary clinic for a full exam.

Overgrown beaks can result in starvation and pain as the longer beak cuts into the bird’s face or neck.

Dietary changes are also called for. Less seed, more fresh vegetables, and pellets.

More exercise helps as well. If your bird’s wings are clipped, consider letting them grow out and allow your bird to fly.

Do you carry your bird everywhere? let him walk on the floor behind you. Trips up and down stairs also help.

Supplements like Milk Thistle drops can help the liver as well.

Please consult with your vet and let us know.


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