Scenic Bird Food Offers Outstanding Nutrition for Any Species of Caged Bird

Scenic Bird Food Offers Outstanding Nutrition for Any Species of Caged Bird

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Editor’s note: we all like variety. They just opened a supermarket not far from us called Pete’s – it is 55,000 ft.² with not only groceries but prepared foods and salads.

This is what we demand as humans which is why we offer so many brands and varieties of bird food. 

Small birds can live 15 to 20 years – larger ones 40 to 60 years, some even longer. Don’t you think it’s important that your birds should enjoy variety in their diets for the decades they are going to be around?

Bird behavior and socialization in the wild is focused on eating, breeding, and fleeing.

Introducing Scenic pellet bird food from Marion Zoological. Although not a household name, Scenic has been manufacturing bird food for 30 years and Scenic Bird Food was the first to pioneer the use of extrusion technology (pellets) to manufacture foods for exotic birds.

Scenic Bird Food is a completely formulated diet for exotic hookbill and softbill birds such as macaws, cockatoos, parrots, lories, budgies, mynahs, toucans, and finches.

Scenic Bird Food has improved the feeding protocols, nutrition, health, and reproduction of rare and endangered birds maintained in captivity throughout the world, including the Black Palm Cockatoo (San Diego Zoo) and Buffon’s Macaw (Amigos de las Aves).

The most interesting aspect is that Scenic pellets will not crumble when wet. This is important given that many of our birds replicate the action of Chicago policemen dunking their donuts in coffee.

Scenic™ Paradise Food is a round-shaped morsel about ¼” diameter with a light crunchy texture. For small parrots as well as large and medium-sized parrots like African Greys, Macaws, and Cockatoos that prefer to pick up food with their beak.

Food Details

Scenic™ Jungle Food is an elongated, pencil-shaped morsel about 1″ (2.5 cm) long with a light and crunchy texture for large and medium-sized parrots like African Greys, Macaws, and Cockatoos that like to pick up food with their feet.


ALLPREM Parakeet Food

ALLPREM Parakeet Food

A flavorful mix of apple and corn morsels for improved health of Parakeets and other small hookbills.

Scenic weaning pellet food for macaw parrots

High Energy Hand Feeding Baby Bird Food

An essential beginning and the first step toward nutritional consistency from hatch to adulthood.

Creating a Diet

Since there are many species living in diverse habitats around the world, it is not practical nor advisable to develop a different food for each one of them. Instead, birds in captivity must be cared for by offering them a stimulating variety of foods while controlling their lack of nutritional wisdom toward the foods we have to offer.

And the foods Scenic offers should meet their needs for eating and socialization, nutrition for growth and breeding, and energy requirements for playing and fleeing.

ALLPREM Parakeet Food, developed in Europe and fed to your English budgie, Australian Monk, Quaker, or Ringneck Parakeet. This small food morsel is easy to feed and can be fed wet or dry to provide your bird maximum variety and eating enjoyment with or without fresh veggies.


Scenic Weaning Food changed how young birds are weaned and socialized. It also makes it possible to re-socialize adult birds returning them to the loving, beautiful creatures they were hatched to become.

Scenic Weaning Food for fledgling and juvenile birds improves fledgling survival, reduces stress, and teaches important social and eating skills. This food is also used to create a lifetime “bond of trust” between you and your pet regardless of the bird’s age.

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