Does UV Light Really Help Produce Vitamin D3 in Birds?

Does UV Light Really Help Produce Vitamin D3 in Birds?

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Have you ever wished you could see the additional ultraviolet light spectrum that birds can?

I’ve been a strong proponent of using light cycles to interrupt the circadian rhythms of our pet birds 

I’m also fully convinced that no amount of artificial lighting over birdcage will help a bird produce vitamin D3 regardless of the lumens, quality of the ultraviolet spectrum emitted or the distance from the light source to the cage 

editors note: Vitamin D3 is used by your bird’s body to help assimilate calcium. Calcium is more important to hens who may go through egg laying cycles.

The only way to know if your bird is deficient in calcium is by a blood panel workup through your avian vet.

The lack of eggs is no guarantee you have a male as eggs can get stuck in any number of ways in a bird’s reproductive system, especially in overweigh birds.

You can have your bird surgically sexed.

The only way to know if your bird is overweight – is to weigh it – regularly. Regular weight checking is a front-line defense against illness detection as rapid weight gains or losses may indicate a health problem not apparent by visual inspection of the bird

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  1. I noticed you started using Fluval lights for your birds. Interesting! I did purchase one also in my area, but can’t shut off the blue light. It will dim but not go out completely. Also the light doesn’t reach far enough down into the large cage. What is the difference between your Fluval light and the Full Spectrum Fluval light for Fish & Plants in your opinion?

    1. The blue light should turn off via the remote jakibro and I’l find out about the differences between the 2 shortly

      1. I should clarify. The blue dims down a bit but does not seem to shut off completely when the white lights are on. Perhaps it’s just a reflection of light from the white lights into the blue. I’ll wait to hear your thoughts on comparing the other lights. They also have full spectrum for salt water fish & coral. There’s not enough info on their site to make an education decision on purchasing the more powerful lights. Don’t want to hurt or burn my Indian Ringneck in his tall corner cage. Thanks for reply!

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