What Do I Do for My Green Cheek Conures Beak Overgrowth?

What Do I Do for My Green Cheek Conures Beak Overgrowth?

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Susan is seeking advice, 

My 9-year-old conure is having an issue with his beak.

Two months ago I had his Avian vet trim his top beak as it was very long. Less than a month later his bottom beak got really long. So back to the Vet Jax went. The vet said to give him hard nuts to chew or a cuttlebone.

He always loved almonds, but since this last trip to the vet he won’t eat them and he ignores the cuttlebone. Also after the lower beak trim, he seemed very stressed. I’m hoping you have some suggestions for Jax. Thanks so much. Susan

Dear Susan

If your bird’s beak is growing too quickly, he likely has Fatty Liver disease. Overgrowth of beaks and nails is a symptom of that illness. This is often due to a seed-only diet and too small of a cage and little exercise but they can also be genetic.


It may be able to be cured or at least eased by providing a varied diet of veggies, fruits, pellets, and fewer seeds. Don’t cut out all the seeds as your bird can starve before it adjusts to the new diet.


Supplements like Milk Thistle drops can help the liver as well.


Is your bird flighted? If not, consider letting the wing feather grow out and encourage your bird to fly.


Exercise is very much needed to help stave off this illness (much like humans).


Meanwhile, you will need to have the beak and possibly the nails trimmed regularly so he doesn’t starve or injure himself. That the lower beak grew out is likely due to the vet over-trimming the top beak.


The bird’s beak is full of nerves so your bird was stressed when he came home after his lower beak trim is not unusual, it had to hurt.



After beak trims you might consider giving your bird some soft food like a cookable bird food for a day or two.


We hope your bird recovers and enjoys life with you for many years to come.


Hi Catherine, Thanks so much for the information.


Yes, Jax is flighted and spends a lot of time outside his cage which is large.


I give him lots of different fruits and he likes Lafeber’s Nutri-berries. He is scheduled for his annual appointment with his Vet this month so I want to discuss the milk thistle drops with her. I will certainly keep an eye on his beak.

Thanks again.


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