Which Pellets Do You Recommend for a Cockatoo and a Macaw?

Which Pellets Do You Recommend for a Cockatoo and a Macaw?

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Dear Debbie


The best pellets for your birds are the ones they will eat…….And also get!


As pellets are not a natural food for birds they may not always be accepted by the birds. If you find you cannot get a variety that your birds have finally accepted, when you do try a different pellet, you may have an adjustment period while they decide if this new one is acceptable or not.


I recommend the following pellets for larger birds.

Higgins Intune Pellets come in many sizes.


They have Parrot and Macaw Intune, the Macaw pellet size is larger than the Parrot.


Intune Parrot comes in 3 lb and 18 lb bag sizes.

Intune Macaw only comes in the 18 lb size.


If you wish to try it you may want to get a 3 lb bag of the Parrot and if accepted, then order the 18 lb Macaw if you prefer a big bag.



Next, we like Hagen Tropican Parrot Sticks for the larger birds as they are larger pieces.

It is available in Lifetime and High Performance.

You would start your bird out with the High Performance for a few months, then switch to the Lifetime.


They both come in 3.3 lb, 8 lb, and 20 lb bags.

There are other pellets available in this section. PELLETS.


Thank you


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