Why is My Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot Talking Less and Getting Meaner?
Green vibrant colored yellow naped amazon parrot or yellow crowned parrot a endangered species because of deforestation

Why is My Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot Talking Less and Getting Meaner?

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Nancy W asks,

I have a yellow-naped amazon.

He is approximately 7-8 years old.

We got him as a baby.

He talks very little still.

What can I do to make him talk more?

Also, he is on the verge of being mean, biting at us, growling.


I am about at my wit’s end!!!


I know he is jealous of our dog.


Any help would be appreciated.



Dear Nancy


Are you certain that you have a male amazon?


If you have not had it sexed you are just guessing.


At 7-8 YO most parrots are not going to learn to talk any more than they have learned prior.



Yes, females can talk but usually not to the level males can.


This is just a guess, but your bird may be hormonal. Aggression can result, male or female.


What kind of lighting do you have over your bird’s cage?


We have found over the years that lighting really affects our bird’s behavior and once corrected a lot of problem issues like biting, lashing out, plucking, masturbating, egg-laying, broody behavior go away.




I would recommend a full spectrum bulb in a fixture placed as close as possible to the top of the cage on a timer set 12 hours on and 12 hours off year-round.


Full Spectrum Economy
Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer


This will help keep your bird even hormonally.


Basically, you want them to feel like they are in the middle of the summer.


That is what the lights do for them.


sun conure in bird cage under full spectrum lighting


More expert lighting tips 


Best of luck



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